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(A Top Pick Dec 10/13. Up 46.86%.) They have continued with rolling up collision repair shops, so each acquisition that they make, they bring it under the fold and immediately the insurance companies start sending business to the new shops. Because of this, same-store sales go up immediately. Also, the freezing cold winter created a lot of collisions.
(A Top Pick Dec 10/13. Up 73.91%.) Still a Buy on pullbacks. It’s the US investors that are taking it up now. It’s content and the value of content has increased away from the distribution channels such as TV, Internet, etc. They can take all of their content and create new episodes.
(A Top Pick Dec 10/13. Down 38.56%.) Sold her holdings. Kept disappointing on earnings.
A very stable business. A large part of its business is waste energy. They use industrial, commercial and municipal waste and burn it and turn it into energy. It had been hit because of power prices coming down in the US, but those prices are bottoming and are starting to come up. Yield of 4.68%.
She has been a bull on energy in general since last fall. We’ve had an epic cold winter and an epic cold summer. Energy prices rallied and then checked back this summer because of the cold. Summer is over. They have incredibly strong assets.