Is seeing an amazing decline. LHX makes exactly the high tech that the government wants all its military to adopt. At 15x PE, it's too cheap.

Many were betting against this, but they just beat their quarter. Those folks were wrong!
He's worried about the US defence budget. The company has momentum in the wake of its merger, but he wouldn't buy this. Buy Honeywell instead.

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Space payloads and systems are one of L3harris Technologies (LHX-N)' four businesses. Space accounts for roughly 25% of revenues which amounted to US$17 billion in 2019. LHX is also involved in surveillance technology, communications (like night vision goggles) and aviation systems. Think defence technology and electronic warfare. It reported its a mixed Q4 recently. Adjusted earnings were up from $2.85/share in Q4 2019 compared to $3.14 in Q4 2020, which barely beat the street's $3.10. Revenue of $$4.66 billion, however, missed the expected $4.89 billion. For 2021, LHX projects a $13.00 EPS and $18.9 billion in revenue. LHX already raised its dividend by 20% (currently stands at 1.92%) and launched $6 billion in share buybacks.
Many feel that defence stocks suffer if the Democrats are in the White House. In fact, the opposite is true.
A tech-savvy defence play. Both Democrats and Republicans love defence spending, and the Dems really like high-tech defence, so LHX will benefit under Biden. LHX reported a good quarter at the end of October, but sold off during the pre-election market slump. Still, the stock is down $40 from its highs. It has room to run.
A good portfolio here, but the problem is it's an industrial company and investors are shifting to cyclicals as this economy improves. He likes LHX's managers and can see growth, but it's not timely. It's not a cyclical where we should be shifting our money. This is defensive, great to be when an economy slows.
A fine defense electronics company exposed to cybersecurity which has enjoyed increased funding from Congress. But in America he prefers Northrop Grumman which has exposure to space and hypersonics, but no commercial exposure, though LHX has been selling down its commercial exposure. Overall, he likes LHX.
It's a merger of L3 and Harris, and this should eliminate duplication in operating costs and inventories, and should expand margins. Product lines are centered in defence electronics, especially warfare and space. They also produce airport security (just announced they will sell this division and return value to shareholders). They do lots of share buybacks and they raise dividends. (Analysts’ price target is $252.23)
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What is L3Harris Technologies stock symbol?

L3Harris Technologies is a American stock, trading under the symbol LHX-N on the New York Stock Exchange (LHX). It is usually referred to as NYSE:LHX or LHX-N

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On 2023-09-22, L3Harris Technologies (LHX-N) stock closed at a price of $173.57.