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(A Top Pick Aug 02/19, Down 13%) They make defence electronics and a strong performer since their last acquisition. He's holding this long term. A headwind is the market moving towards cyclical businesses instead of defence stocks. But ESLT still has strong long-term prospects.
(A Top Pick Aug 02/19, Up 22%) A defensive, not a cyclical, stock. Okay to own now, but as we exit this recession (this shortest ever), it's better to own cyclicals. They're an auto insurer and diversifying into commercial. They have a low cost base, a tailwind, and are diversified nationally in the U.S. But doesn't see this outperform the market in the next 12 months.
(A Top Pick Aug 02/19, Up 26%) They have cyclical upside in their medical technology business, so pent-up demand from hospitals in a tailwind. Same goes with their eyeglass division as people now get their eyes examined after the lockdown.
They currently have an effective business plan to reduce costs and close their profitablility gap with Home Depot. Also, they are driving volume to their website, and making more attractive their offerings to professional builders and renovators. The neighbourhoods they service are seeing the most robust economic performance, which is a big change. Historically, Home Depot used to benefit from its exposure to big cities, which has suffered from recent lockdowns. Therefore, Lowes offers better upside than Home Depot given store locations. (Analysts’ price target is $181.44)
Price target: 209.62 Swiss francs A Swiss specialty chemical provider whose product makes up a tiny part (less than 1%) of their customers' construction costs, but makes a huge difference to that construction project. Therefore, it suffers less sensitivity to price changes. Their product water-proofs mortar and cement, as in tunnels that are cut through the Swiss mountains. Sika is one of the biggest beneficiaries of a new EU environment plan to improve energy efficiency in buildings. Sika's product provide a sealant to achieve this.