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(A Top Pick Aug 20/18, Up 4%) They're the leader in dental implants and gaining ground in aligners. The risk is that dental implants are highly discretionary. So, if the economy weakens, this business is in trouble. He expects the economy to grow.
(A Top Pick Aug 20/18, Up 26%) Lumped into the same sector as drugs for humans. So, because this sector has been under pressure from political rhetoric, ZTS's stock price is lower than it should be. ZTS continues to do well in the livestock space due to Asian swine flu.
(A Top Pick Aug 20/18, Up 40%) They're the biggest hummus producer and are the 5th-largest coffee producer in the world. A major food producer in Israel.
The world's biggest producer of military drones, so there's a big renewal for them now. They're also a big maker of night vision systems, and bought a competitor to reduce this space to only two players. 20-30% of their sales in 2018 were in cyber warfare. (Analysts’ price target is $141.24)
An internet company that happens to sell insurance, goes the joke. They have the lowest costs of execution among P&C insurers, and have a better underwriting record than its peers. They benefit from lower interest rates; competitors charge more fpr insurance to make up for this. (Analysts’ price target is $81.82)