David Fingold
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(A Top Pick Apr 07/20, Up 43%) Produce endoscopes, eyeglass lenses, glass platters for hard disks, and leading edge nodes. A long-term favourite.
(A Top Pick Apr 07/20, Up 4%) Food products in Israel. Held up last year. Affected by lockdowns, as most snack foods are consumed away from home. A reopening play.
(A Top Pick Apr 07/20, Up 39%) Contract producer of pharmaceuticals. Leader in making biotech drugs. 2020 was so strong, he got out, since 2021 couldn't compare. Rate of growth will be lower next year, but he will revisit it.
Lots of pent-up demand for eyeglass lenses and endoscopy procedures. Pent-up demand is one of his themes for the early stage of an economic recovery. (Price target is in yuan.) Yield is 0.65%. (Analysts’ price target is $14486.36)
Commercial property insurance is getting better. A hardening price environment. One of the 3 largest global reinsurers. Strongest balance sheet, so can charge the highest prices and give the most coverage. Strong cyclical exposure is a good play on recovering economy. Returns capital to shareholders by buying back shares. No dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $281.00)