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(A Top Pick Dec 02/19, Up 44%) Very fine company. Exited for better ideas. He would buy it again. They're very exposed to the 5G market, and he chose to own Teradyne instead.
(A Top Pick Dec 02/19, Up 40%) Masters of making glass. Second largest eye glass lens maker in the world. Their Pentax lens unit will benefit from pent-up demand in endoscopy. Well positioned in current environment.
(A Top Pick Dec 02/19, Up 48%) Make a bunch of different chemicals for a bunch of different uses. Heavily involved in infrastructure, and it's uniquely positioned to benefit from this trend.
A buy and hold. Produce construction chemicals that help make buildings greener. Innovative. Well positioned for greener infrastructure. Yield is 0.91%. (Analysts’ price target is $270.34)
Fabulous semiconductor company. Produces systems that are used for vision in machines. Sensors to improve manufacturing. Innovative, lots of new products a year. Strong record of execution. Yield is 0.35%. (Analysts’ price target is $53318.89)