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(A Top Pick Apr 10/18, Up 40%) It was added to the S&P last year than helped. Huawei is part of the issue as no one can sell its products.
(A Top Pick Apr 10/18, Up 2%) He exited soon after recommending it. Machine tool orders evaporated. People blame BREXIT, a slowing economy and so on. It is a great company and he is waiting for an inflection in capital spending.
(A Top Pick Apr 10/18, Down 1%) They have a bunch of technologies that are hard to escape. They are the only builder of certain components for detecting ionizing radiation that are used in so many products such as hospital test equipment.
We are still in an up-cycle in defense spending. They have high exposure to Israel, the fastest growing economy in the world. They are a leader in drones and electronic warfare. They completed several acquisitions. They have had good contract announcements recently. (Analysts’ price target is $51399.00)
Property and casualty insurance is the best part of financial services. They have very low costs of operation. Profitability and growth are dramatically higher than peers. (Analysts’ price target is $81.47)