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(A Top Pick Oct 29/18, Up 36%) They are the largest producer of hummus and fifth largest producer of coffee in the world. Israel is the fastest growing market in the world. He is happy to continue to hold.
(A Top Pick Oct 29/18, Up 45%) They manufacture foamed plastic and aluminum composites. They are very exposed to the European economy. He sees an improvement in their market next year and would continue to hold.
(A Top Pick Oct 29/18, Up 7%) A Swiss company manufacturing pharmaceuticals under contract for other companies. Biotech is the fastest area of growth in the health space. They are able to avoid the politicization of drug manufacturing in this role.
The world's largest producer of hummus and fifth largest of coffee. Also the largest food producer in Israel -- the fastest growing economy in the world. He has been involved since 2006. They recently expanded into Europe and are taking market share. Yield 1.59% (Analysts’ price target is $10235.00)
Israel's largest defensive publicly traded contractor. Largely electronics and are within the mid-cycle of defense spending. The largest producer of drones. They make a "re-drone" system that would have safeguarded Saudi oil facilities as it allows for control to be taken over drones to land them safely. Yield 1.09% (Analysts’ price target is $153.67)