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The Swiss drugmaker has received FDA emergency approval to allow medical professionals to use its antibody test to determine if people have ever been infected with the virus. The test looks for antibodies in someone's blood that are used to fight off the virus that causes. Those exposed to Covid-19, even if they showed no symptoms, may have some immunity to it. The test would allow scientists to learn more about the disease, monitor how the Covid-19 is evolving, and help economies reopen. Roche plans to produce 60 million tests by the end of this month, while analysts expect the company to raise that to 100 million monthly by the end of the year. It looks like this news is already baked into the stock. Shares have returned to their mid-February peak, trading around $43-45. Roche Holding AG pays a 2.6% dividend with a forward PE of 13.69x. Revenue growth YOY stands at 5.48%.

(A Top Pick October 31/17 Up 10%) A steady business that pays a good dividend. You should make 10% a year return. There is a good pipeline of drug projects yet to come. Yield 3.5%


Made an acquisition quite a while ago of a biotech firm that comes up with all the future products. However, they are starting with some of the research that are in stage I and stage II. Sales were up 5% in the last quarter, but have seen a decline of 1% overall. The stock hasn't done a lot this year. Until this actually comes up with something that is going to be a gang buster, he would stay away.


A Swiss company. Has been a laggard this year, and pulled back recently. Have some interesting drugs for multiple sclerosis, immunology on cancer. Trades 15%-20% cheaper than the rest of the pharmas. Dividend yield of 3.6%. (Analysts' price target is CHF 261.00)


(A Top Pick Oct 11/16. Down 2.05%.) A very deep pipeline of drugs and hidden value. It gives you a 3%+ yield. Great company.


Deep pipeline. Attractively valued. It has a couple of drugs that are nearing approval in the 1st half of this year. One is in the breast cancer area and one in the bio similar area. Dividend yield of 3.46%. (Analysts’ price target is CHF 278.65.)


or RHHBY-5. You can buy the ADR. They have a strong pipeline and can grow it. He thinks they will continue to do well. When do you buy them considering the US election? Pharma do not do well before a US election. You buy these things going into the election and you get a bounce out of them.


Attractively valued at about 15X 2017 earnings. This has had 30 years of dividend growth. In addition to valuation, this has a very attractive pipeline with a hidden value of new products coming up. They also have a drug for multiple sclerosis that is due for regulatory action on December 28. Dividend yield of 3.39%.


They don’t have enough products in the pipeline. Many pharmas are struggling right now.


This is interesting right now based on the value proposition that is going into the pharma space. They have a lot of M&A activity there. This has some growth potential because of breast cancer. Fundamentally the company looks solid and the dividend looks good.

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What is Roche Holding stock symbol?

Roche Holding is a American stock, trading under the symbol RHHBY-OTC on the US OTC (RHHBY). It is usually referred to as OTC:RHHBY or RHHBY-OTC

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On 2022-11-30, Roche Holding (RHHBY-OTC) stock closed at a price of $40.92.