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(A Top Pick Oct 11/16. Down 9.87%.) For the most part of 2016, there was a rotation out of Pharma and into medical devices. Great company, well-established and a good yield.
(A Top Pick Oct 11/16. Down 3.59%.) This was and is subject to a takeover offer by Walgreens. Sold his holdings at about $8.30.
(A Top Pick Oct 11/16. Down 2.05%.) A very deep pipeline of drugs and hidden value. It gives you a 3%+ yield. Great company.
Deep pipeline. Attractively valued. It has a couple of drugs that are nearing approval in the 1st half of this year. One is in the breast cancer area and one in the bio similar area. Dividend yield of 3.46%. (Analysts’ price target is CHF 278.65.)
A company with a very deep pipeline of drugs, one of the major ones being the cancer drug Opdivo, specifically in the immuno oncology area, which the market has written off for now. Merck (MRK-N) has clearly beaten them to the punch on lung cancer with Keytruda, but there is still a vast market, awaiting on the Opdivo end, and he thinks the market is not giving it its due value. Also, this is a potential take out candidate for something like Johnson & Johnson (JNJ-N) or Pfizer (PFE-N). Dividend yield of 3.16%. (Analysts’ price target is $59.12.)