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Automated storage and warehouse logistics. Instead of being horizontal, warehouses are now vertical so it works on automating it. Land scarcity will help this company. They also have a software side that does logistics and card reading. A Swiss company with lots of runway, since only 10% of warehouse companies have moved to the logistics side. Dividend of 2.5% with strong dividend growth and cashflow. (Analysts’ price target is $144.00)
Global warming will cause more disasters and there will be a need for infrastructure. They were in the penalty box but have started turning around since the last quarter. The acquisition was written down and got burnt, but now the company has environmental and infrastructure. (Analysts’ price target is $38.41)
FDA approval for a tablet diabetes drug. China and India will have a growing market for this as well. The trend will help the bottom line and profitability. He's owned it since 1997, and though it hasn't done much in the last 5 years, it is picking up. They are also completely off the grid and is very environmental. (Analysts’ price target is $62.73)
(A Top Pick Nov 02/18, Up 39%) He recommended this when the markets were going down. Interest rates are falling, and high yield attracts money to utilities. There is steady growth and there will be a 10% dividend growth. Growth and income at the same time.
(A Top Pick Nov 02/18, Up 14%) Access to emerging market without the risk. Historically, a 10% dividend growth rate over time. They are moving into e-commerce and attracting millennials. They are moving into health products and makeup.