David Driscoll
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Liberty International Investment Management Inc

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(A Top Pick Feb 07/20, Up 7%) Services small businesses, and that's what the recovery will be about. Cash cow stock.
(A Top Pick Feb 07/20, Up 4%) Insurance companies have increased prices to cover catastrophic losses. An example of inflation. Book value's been growing. Combined ratio is back to 89-90% range. Still a buy.
(A Top Pick Feb 07/20, Up 3%) Boring little software company that's trying to integrate into the cloud. Just keeps chugging along, increasing the dividend and delivering recurring revenues, paying down debt, making acquisitions. Still a very attractive buy.
If US dollar falls, or inflation starts to rise, farmers should have more income to buy fertilizer and seeds. Will benefit from rising potash and nitrogen prices. Usually happens at this stage in the economy if we truly are going to get a breakout. Yield is 3.27%. (Analysts’ price target is $73.38)
Provides end-to-end service. Contact tracing for Covid. Can manufacture drugs. Great performer over the last 5-10 years. A main holding in all his portfolios. Yield is 0.18%. (Analysts’ price target is $557.05)