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(A Top Pick Aug 02/19, Down 16%) Insurance is facing catastrophe because of COVID, though governments will not let the insurers go bankrupt. Insurers will probably cope by raising prices. Chubb has the highest credit rating and its combined ratio is 100%, despite the economic downturn. Chubb's book value continues to grow, though the stock is down 19% YTD. He'd buy on weakness. The 2.5% dividend pays you to wait.
(A Top Pick Aug 02/19, Up 5%) It's a favoured holding because Brookfield has its hands in many business. It's his way to invest in alternative strategies, namely private equity without paying the extra costs. BAM is getting hit on the property REIT side, but doing well in renewables and infrastructure. Also, they derive dividends from subsidiaries and they charge fees for all the hedge funds they run. Their Oak Tree purchase was another notch in its belt, because Oak Tree buys distressed debt at very low prices, as they did during the March plunge. They keep increasing their dividend by 10% annually (while globally dividend payouts have dropped 23%), which indicates strong free cash flow. BAM is probably sniffing around for more bargain buys.
A leading supplier of medical devices to niche markets, like opthamology (i.e. IV tubes with clips). The share price has returned to 2017 levels, but they have new products coming out and elective surgery is coming back so demand will rise. Last week, they announced a 13% dividend increase. Strong free cash flow.
A leader in its field, they make things like road noise cancelling in cars and self-driving cars engineering. They just bought into digital healthcare. They've been sluggish vs. peers, but have raised their dividend 15% for this year and raised profit expecatation. (Analysts’ price target is $136.93)
They make sterilizers to clean up operating rooms as well as labs which has seen a boost during COVID. It's a small cap, but raising its dividend nearly 10% a year with strong cash flow. They settled in Ireland for the tax haven. (Analysts’ price target is $175.00)