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If you believe the job numbers from Monday, they were substantial. This name is a beneficiary from job growth. They deal with small and mid-sized companies with and pays out a dividend of 3.6%. They have been growing business into HR so the dividend is going higher. It's a cash cow since they bank the payroll money. (Analysts’ price target is $85.44)
Earnings were a blow out announced yesterday. Since there were little catastrophes last year, profits boomed. The book value is rising. It's the best insurance company based on combined ratio, how much you're paying in claims versus premiums, which is at 98%. (Analysts’ price target is $165.17)
They just bought Carbonite, which is a leading provider of cloud-based back-up. Their cloud business will continue to rise and grow even faster going forward. You will then see an earnings explosion if they grow quickly. They have owned it for 5 years and continues to buy. (Analysts’ price target is $68.69)
(A Top Pick Jan 17/19, Up 54%) A life-sciences companies that also does consumables and mass spectrometers. They recently purchased the GE biopharma section. They have big margins coming into the company. Earnings were higher than their peer group. He has owned this since 2013 and he sees no reason to sell it. He wouldn't enter now with 30x earnings. It works as a core holding since life science has good growth potential.
(A Top Pick Jan 17/19, Down 7%) He blames the CFO for the loss. They were signing contracts that were not compliant and their guidance was off. Even though the stock is down, if they have earnings of 3.20 per share range, the stock is fully valued. If they make 4.20 next year, the stock becomes cheap and you might see it trading at 14x earnings. Infrastructure needs are large in the US so he expects it to perform.