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(A Top Pick Oct 12/18, Down 8%) Problem with slowdown in China where 35% of their revenue comes from. The demand is not growing at the same pace as before. Indian air and water purification business revenue is up 30% and this is their next move.
(A Top Pick Oct 12/18, Up 39%) Specialize in sterile equipment in hospitals. It was cheap a year ago but wouldn't buy it today, since the medical devices are starting to get over heated.
(A Top Pick Oct 12/18, Up 21%) Property casualty. Combined ratio dropped to 89%. Among the best and has a single A credit rating.
They only own government bonds in cash in their investment portfolio that will make money if interest rates go down. Ability to grow earnings over the next while. Will benefit from falling interest rates. Yield 1.97%
Private equity is illiquid, but BAM.A makes money off private equity and charges fees. They shouldn't be hurt as badly if there is a market correction. A good defensive play.