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(A Top Pick Oct 12/18, Up 2%) They have come back to levels before the China war. China is only 1/3 of the business' revenue. They also have business in India and US for water purification, heating, and others. This company continues to be working in the water purification sector. They raised dividends by 9%. This will depend on how the US-China trade war wraps up.
(A Top Pick Oct 12/18, Up 25%) They've been able to raise prices in the last year. They are a high quality re-insurer. The opioid crisis is the only concern. It's still a buy and he continues to buy it.
(A Top Pick Oct 12/18, Up 34%) Profits from aging population. They have sterile equipment. It will continue to do well. Medical sectors as a whole had a great year.
An aerospace manufacturing company. Their parts have never been involved in any crashes. They grow their dividends at roughly 20%. He's happy to own it and hold for the next 10-20 years.
A software company that provides software for utilities and telecommunications. They are also in the video equipment business too. It's a steady income stock so it is protection against market downturn. It has performed much better than the market.