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(A Top Pick Dec 07/18, Up 66%) Nobody wanted to buy British stocks. Around 60% of Halma's revenues come outside the UK, so they're paid in other currencies as the pound falls--profits then rise. They make smoke alarms/detectors. Strong long-term potential, though no one has heard of it. Dividend is growing 17% annually. But earnings are above 30X and he'd be more comfortable at 20-25x.
(A Top Pick Dec 07/18, Down 1%) Not a bad return, given what's happening in Latin American markets this year. FCFS runs American pawn shops, as well as in Mexico and South America. They grow at 5% organically; dividend rising 10-15%. But nobody wants to invest in Latin American which holds back this stock. A plus: it isn't correlated to US banks. They also benefit from the rising gold price, since people pawn gold a lot. This is how he invests in gold.
(A Top Pick Dec 07/18, Up 19%) It's the best-run grocery chain in Canada in terms of allocating capital and running their stores. It boasts 10% dividend growth over time. He holds this in TFSAs.
Trades around 30x earnings but future earnings are suppose to improve. They do RFID tags for tow roads in America and Saudi Arabia. They also do meter readings outside houses. Free cash flow can grow which will pay off debt. They're raising their dividend by 10-15% annually, and the stock price will follow. (Analysts’ price target is $381.15)
It's a play on a falling US dollar. Great managers. In 2008, when Hong Kong real estate plunged 50%, JM bought everything they could and doubled their money to the point that they have paid off alot of debt. They have a lot of dry powder. They get paid in EM currencies, so the strong US dollar hurts them. However, they increase their dividend 10% annually for the last decade. Trades at 8x earnings, much better than the market. (Analysts’ price target is $62.31)