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(A Top Pick Oct 11/18, Up 35%) They're big in the US and also here. Their strategy has always been to grown organic while doing tuck-in acquisitions. They execute very well. Strong managers. But not a cheap stock. They can keep expanding; lots of mom-and-pop shops they can buy in the future. Great CEO.
(A Top Pick Oct 11/18, Up 10%) Rails offer good cash flow and growth. The only issue they can't do more acquisitions, given regulations.
(A Top Pick Oct 11/18, Down 13%) He sold it. They bought 2 different businesses, including insurer Aetna. This integration will help them grow. But this space is entering the US election cycle and will be targeted in 2020. Good cash flow and managers, though. Buy this on pullbacks.
A great brand with fine content for kids and adults. They have the best chance to grow their streaming business and will give Netflix a run for their money. Last quarter was difficult because their Fox content didn't perform as well. (Analysts’ price target is $155.18)
Their business is in hemophilia and diabetes (450 million have it globally and the number will rise). They make an obesity drug (a pill, that's showing growth) and sell the most insulin in the world. (Analysts’ price target is $56.45)