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(A Top Pick Feb 13/19, Up 16%) Trades at 1.2x book vs. 1.5 by Canadian banks. Investors were fearing the inverted yield curve which scared them off US banks stock. BAC continues to decrease its costs and buyback shares. A great story.
(A Top Pick Feb 13/19, Up 37%) He still likes it. Businesses will continue to move to the cloud which adds a lot of value to those companies.
(A Top Pick Feb 13/19, Up 16%) Rails have consolidated and enjoy high barriers to entry. Sustainable growth allows them to increase margins and cash. It's cyclical, but now the rails are a great place to be.
A capital-lite business with few fixed assets and low capex as they generate a lot of cash. But recently they missed their EBITDA by 5%, largely from their restoration business. They grow by acquisition as well as organically. Managers own a lot of shares. It's a buying opportunity now after that earning miss. (Analysts’ price target is $131.91)
They have the best content to compete with Netflix and are priced well. There may be some execution risk after buying Fox, but their amusement parks still make up a big chunk of revenues. Also, their brand is unmatched. (Analysts’ price target is $153.71)