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(A Top Pick Feb 06/20, Up 34%) He continues to buy it here. Strong management makes tough decisions like suspending the dividend. Closing parks was a big hit. Streaming did well. Covid will end and people will go back to the parks. Asset sales will help. Backlog of movie blockbusters.
(A Top Pick Feb 06/20, Up 7%) Over-reserved, and so they're in good shape. Yield curve is steepening. Really good growth in trading and banking. Great asset management business and retail franchise. Canada's strong regulatory environment helps stabilize our banks. Not expensive, great dividend yield.
(A Top Pick Feb 06/20, Down 11%) Spanish company. A booking company, and a software provider. Personal travel should come back quite quickly. Cut dividend, issued debt and equity to help balance sheet. Lots of liquidity. Strong management, and this is what makes the difference compared to competitors.
Animal care plus livestock. Livestock is not growing as quickly as last year, but will as protein consumption grows in developing countries. Pet business really strong this year. Drugs come to market sooner, and not many generics. Great demographic and growth story. Yield is 0.67%. (Analysts’ price target is $186.31)
Benefited from pandemic. Membership fees growth. Signature product continues to grow. Not just a pandemic story. Yield is 0.87%. (Analysts’ price target is $394.13)