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(A Top Pick Jun 07/18, Up 24%) A Canadian company but most of its businesses are in the U.S. Great story. Very low capex. Owned it for a long time. Management owns almost 40% of the stock. Continues to own it, they buy it here.
(A Top Pick Jun 07/18, Up 22%) Sold it. Complicated story. Dollar Tree sells things for a dollar. They bought a company called Family Dollar that sells things up to $10. Very difficult acquisition. Very volatile earnings numbers in the last little while. Selling was probably a wrong decision. Great, well run business, its just that they took on an acquisition which is taking a lot more time to execute.
(A Top Pick Jun 07/18, Down 15%) Sold it. A drugstore business and also bought an insurance business. Trying to vertically integrate into healthcare. Felt there was a lot of competition coming on the drugstore business, the BPM business was getting a lot of competition with JP Morgan, and Amazon trying to set up an healthcare business for themselves. Historically healthcare has been a very difficult thing going into an election. You probably want to stay out of it for a little while until the dust settles after the U.S. election.
Animal healthcare company. Spun out of Pfizer in 2013. From 2001 to 2018, spending on animal healthcare went from $6.2B to $15.5B. Young people all have pets. One of the great thing is that a lot of the costs are out of the pocket, not many insurances companies in the market. Not a lot of generics that compete with the drugs, and getting new drugs approved for animals is faster. Very little debt. Good growth perspective. (Analysts’ price target is $106.33)
Medical devices company. Great company. Will continue to grow with the aging population. 73% of the business in the U.S., 23% in Europe and the rest emerging markets. Can grow their business internationally. Very little debt. Great story, great growth and operating margins. (Analysts’ price target is $201.12)