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(A Top Pick Feb 13/19, Up 25%) The US banks are in a sweet spot: lots of capital to buyback shares and raise capital with few regulatory issues. BAC is doing cost-cutting with layoffs. It trades at only 1.2x book value. The stock will rise.
(A Top Pick Feb 13/19, Up 52%) Cloud is changing computing, making offices more intelligent. So, MSFT can add a lot of its core products to enhance these offices. More businesses will move to the cloud aggressively. Also, MSFT won the massive $10 billion US army contract late last year.
(A Top Pick Feb 13/19, Up 32%) They will have a bad quarter, based on an analyst report, but looking ahead, the economy will continue to grow at a good pace and this will benefit CNR and the rails. CNR is protected because you can't easily duplicate their business. If the US-China trade war calms, CNR will do very well. Don't worry about the coming quarter, but look beyond that.
True, the Canadian banks haven't done well, but TD trades at 1.6x book, pays a 4% dividend yield, and trades at 10.6x earnings. There won't be much topline growth, but more bottom line due to cost savings. Volatility over loan losses should calm. TD sold off TD Ameritrade. They can expand in the US even more, already a great franchise there, and increase returns. The bad news is already in the bank stocks. (Analysts’ price target is $79.00)
Defence will continue to do well given rising defence spending in American and globally. LMT has a great aircraft modernization business and missile defence business. They enjoy better topline growth vs. peers. Free cash flow growth will allow acquisitions. Defence companies will do well in the coming years. (Analysts’ price target is $409.05)