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Stock Opinions by Gordon Reid

Believes market is moving entirely on sentiment right now (emotions and feelings). July rally has faded and market is over selling (feels like a roller coaster). US Federal Reserve comments in Jackson Hole created negative sentiment. Investors should invest as if market is normal (accurate pricing of companies). Extreme markets as of late are a function of emotions.
Professional recruiting company that focuses on healthcare sector. Covid-19 has increased demand for nurses and healthcare professionals. Tight labor market has increased pricing for services of recruiting in healthcare. Trading at less than 10x earnings. Aging population will increase demand for healthcare.
New entry into portfolio. One of three main pharmaceutical distributors. Trading at 15x multiple of earnings. Growing at 10% per year. Have existed to European business (good for US dollar exposure).
wholesale distributors
Company has recently evolved into defense powerhouse. Business also has earnings from travel related technology. Currently growing revenue at 6-7%. Margins expanding and expecting higher stock price soon.
(A Top Pick Sep 17/21, Down 4%) Continues to like the company, and will hold shares. Pure commodity play which increases risk. Long term, is a good investment with rising copper demand. 70% of copper used today is in electrification process (cars etc.) Last year has been hard on most sectors. Increasing demand in China will also add to the strength of the company. Expecting inflation to cool which will cause markets to rise again.
non-base metal mining
(A Top Pick Sep 17/21, Down 22%) Continues to believe the company is very strong. Will be a good long term investment. Cash flow, revenue and earnings growing at ~15% which is 5x better than average economy. Rising interest rates have negatively affected tech stocks. Very strong management team. Very patient with the company.
Business Services
(A Top Pick Sep 17/21, Down 22%) Hard time for banks right now with rising interest rates. Premier bank in the USA and maybe the world. Will continue to hold shares. Good long term investment. Excellent management team.
Financial Services
Believes company is under valued at current stock price ($40). Normalized earnings per share is around $8 per share. Chip shortages have causes company to not be able to make enough cars. Demand is higher than supply for automobiles right now. Investing heavily in electric cars. Looking to double revenues by 2030.
Company will grow at low single digits. Covid-19 has led to a lot of business for funeral business. Believes demand for funeral services will decrease after Covid-19. Stock is currently too expensive.
other services
Good time to sell the stock. Has sold shares. Doesn't see positive upside for the stock. Numbers of the surface (dividend yield, cash flow yield) look good. Problem is that one of major drugs loses patent next year. Building pipeline of R&D in consumer drugs.
Release of new iPhone very important news. Didn't increase price of new phone which is a good sign. Satellite business will be interesting to watch. Believes is a good long term business to own. Wait to buy shares when stock price decreases. Most of organic growth has already occurred in company (law of large numbers).
electrical / electronic
Heavily sold off recently with rising interest rates. Change in direction for the company into virtual reality may, or may not pay off. Has since sold shares. Not enough viability on future of company. Is hard to determine whether company will be successful.
Doesn't think company warrants investment. Business has shifted towards higher margin segments of business (lost customers). Company is highly vulnerable to big banks (electronic payments etc.) JP Morgan (Jamie Dimon) looking into stealing business from PayPal. Competitive moat not very strong.
Has since sold shares. Doesn't think company is headed in the right direction. Peer group analysis indicating company not as strong as competitors. Better names to own within the sector.
specialty stores
Believes company is over valued. Owns many companies that also invests in. Would prefer a company that has lower trading multiple. Easy to replicate what Berkshire owns through ETF.
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