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(A Top Pick Jun 07/18, Up 22%) They are a big player in the US health insurance business. There is a lot of noise in this area with the Medicare-for-all concept that the democratic candidates are promoting. If Medicare comes into effect it will take a long time. It will be an iterative process. 75% of those privately insured are happy with it. It is a great opportunity for people to get into ANTM-Q.
(A Top Pick Jun 07/18, Down 21%) Their earnings deteriorated when they changed their advertizing approach. They are now seeing a sharp increase in bookings and he thinks the stock price will soon show this. This stock deserves a higher multiple. (Analysts’ price target is $116.00)
(A Top Pick Jun 07/18, Up 14%) He sold in September. They spun off some businesses. He saw a valuation exhaustion. Spinning the companies off created noise. It is a great company but it was due to go sideways for a while.
They are a contractor to pharma labs. A lot of large pharma companies outsource to them. They have predictable margins. They are growing organically and through acquisition. (Analysts’ price target is $148.13)
He likes the massive research spending. They are very secretive on what they spend money on, but we have heard of other bets. They are in very diverse areas. It is not expensive. He is looking at $54 in growth this year. They are growing near 20% per year. (Analysts’ price target is $1333.74)