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(A Top Pick May 12/20, Up 24%) He's sticking with it. There's more upside to come. Their biggest product was Humera, a massive drug. A few years ago, they bought Allergan and their Botox drug, which reduced company dependence on Humera for company revenues. ABBV has some new drugs in the pipeline that are reaching $1 billion in sales, so this further spreads the risk away from Humera. It trades at a cheap 9x PE and pays a 5% dividend. Warning: in 2023, Humera goes off patent and that will mean a challenge for ABBV to replace that revenue stream (Humera makes up 32% of all revenues, though it used to be 65% before Botox).
(A Top Pick May 12/20, Up 49%) Of the megacap tech stocks, this is the cheapest at 25x earning with growth around 10-15%. Has a great base. The controversy will continue, but Democrats and Republicans hate FB for opposite reasons--which is the sweet spot.
(A Top Pick May 12/20, Up 160%) It's riding the e-commerce boom but also will benefit from the reopening. It's the proxy for economic growth and he believes the US economy will boom this year. Fedex is doing well in air freight as well, given fewer airplanes in the air now. There's lots of growth in this company. They can cut costs in the future with drone deliveries and other technological uses.
Two-thirds of their business is in North America. They have pricing power now (at times in a cycle insurers don't). CB's combined ratio is very strong. It trades at 1.3x book, reasonable for an insurer, and at 15x earnings. He's done well holding this for a while. (Analysts’ price target is $180.59)
An infrastructure company in telecoms; their biggest customers are telecoms like Verizon and Comcast. They string the contintent for 5G capability. Warning: It's a lumpy business, because it's bsed on fixed costs. However, Dycom is getting a lot of positive attention because they are the go-to business to lay the fibre optics for the coming 5G revolution. This can easily earn $6/share, so it's not expensive now. (Analysts’ price target is $102.00)