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A favorite of his. It has a long-term positive because it's part of the long-term solution for high American healthcare costs. CVS bought Aetna (a health insurer) and has a pharmacy division, but most importantly 1,500 Health Hubs which deal with customers' chronic health problems, which is far cheaper than going to an American emergency ward. (Analysts’ price target is $70.88)
It's had a rough ride and should be worth a lot more. They are the biggest renters of heavy construction equiopment. free cash flow and have priving power. Revenues were up 14% year over year. Be patient and this will pay off. (Analysts’ price target is $161.94)
He didn't own an airline until he bought this recently, because airlines were do cyclical. But now the airlines operate so precisely through tech and operate at full capacity far more than before. So, revenue-per-mile is high. This trades at a cheap 8x earnings which are growing. The Boeing 737 Max problem would impair UAL. (Analysts’ price target is $108.47)
(A Top Pick Oct 03/18, Down 0.4%) It's trading at a big discount to its book value, at 1x tangible book value vs. not only its peers but its own history. They've done everything right, like passing the stress test. They're buying back ($15.6 billion of shares last year), and pay a good dividend yield
(A Top Pick Oct 03/18, Down 19%) He's disappointed with its performance, but he continues to buy it, because Lear is till doing good things. 62% of their business is outside America. They trade at a cheap 8x earnings and boast a free cash flow yield over 10%. This should be higher, but the whole sector is out of favour. Be patient.