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(A Top Pick Feb 06/19, Up 30%) They've become much more efficient in managing their stores, yet the number of stores remains the same. Operating profit has jumped 11% to 16%. Net profit doubled. Last year's initiatives dampened earnings a bit, but will pay off in 2021.
(A Top Pick Feb 06/19, Up 31%) They beat on revenues and earnings today, but not good enough for the street. Don't get caught up on one day's reaction (FB is selling off after hours). True, costs rose, but they're doing that to combat fake posts, something the street urges them to do, yet the street is punishing them. That's incredible and nonsensical. FB remains a huge holding of his and he's happy to hang on.
(A Top Pick Feb 06/19, Up 47%) Small caps are in the sweet spot. This is a home-builder stock, driven by strong US consumers, low interest rates and low unemployment.
Also a past pick. US housing starts hit a 15-year high, a huge tailwind. (Analysts’ price target is $233.67)
They continue to innovate with technology. They reported today good same-store sales. Like a REIT, it's a predictable money machine. (Analysts’ price target is $226.54)