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(A Top Pick Nov 13/18, Up 23%) At the start of 2019, the Fed seemed accommodating. But now they're on hold, and this has been a real booster for the banks because they make money off the spread. He sold on the belief that he didn't want to be overly levered to a shallower yield curve.
(A Top Pick Nov 13/18, Up 31%) Liked the deal with 20th Century Fox. It diluted the cord-cutting with ABC and ESPN, and set the stage for Disney to get into the streaming wars. Trading around 20x earnings, while Netflix trades at 3x that value. Disney has the chops to go toe to toe with Netflix.
(A Top Pick Nov 13/18, Down 25%) Sometimes this business is frustrating and you have to be patient. A 5G play. Dycom will participate in a big way when it happens.
Acquiring Allergan. Knock on it was that Humera made up 60% of revenues. Purchase of Allergan dilutes that concentration, and will be 10% accretive in Year 1. Expected revenue growth of 10%, whereas peer group is 3.1%. Trading at less than 10x. Free cashflow, after the dividend, of over 5%. Compelling opportunity. Yield is 5.34%. (Analysts’ price target is $95.45)
CEO has done a great job. Returning lots of capital to shareholders. Trading at 75% of book value. Good opportunity, and limited downside. Yield is 2.69%. (Analysts’ price target is $83.60)