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(A Top Pick Oct 17/19, Down 20%) An industrial services company for major projects. They provide services in hydraulics, electrical, communications, etc. With the economy slowing down and projects being differed, it has stalled. Once infrastructure programs begin, if a Democratic administration takes over, they are well positioned.
(A Top Pick Oct 17/19, Up 47%) The stock has done very well. DOJ action does not seem to affect these stocks. These companies are core needs within our society and is the backbone of what we do. In whatever form, these will be successful. Facebook counts 1/3 of the world population as a monthly active user. The fundamentals are also rising so valuations are not getting stretched.
(A Top Pick Oct 17/19, Up 21%) He has sold it on a valuation basis. 56% of their revenues comes from groceries, which is a low margin business, which does not justify trading at high 20 multiples. It is a stretch. The company has done everything you expect, but the valuation did not make sense so they took their profit.
He has owned this for his clients for 15 years. It has done extremely well. They have trimmed it a number of times. You do not want one company to dominate a portfolio. A few weeks ago, it popped higher than their limitation band so he trimmed it. However, he still very much likes it. Expanding its service offering is very positive for its stable earning. (Analysts’ price target is $121.78)
Low mortgage rates and a want to move to less dense housing has been a tailwind for home builders. Financing is quite cheap and there is a real issue with supply. Demand outstrips supply. (Analysts’ price target is $87.78)