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(A Top Pick Mar 21/19, Down 35%) He sold this recently. Do you have the sell discipline or will you hang on and hope. Selling at a loss is tough to do. But consider what if you hadn't sold that stock a few years after selling it.
(A Top Pick Mar 21/19, Up 15%) Trades at a cheap less than 10x earnings. He likes the CEO's straightforward style. They've built their wealth management services by just buying E-trade.
(A Top Pick Mar 21/19, Down 13%) After 9/11, he recalls a money manager urging him to get out of travel stocks, because after 9/11 nobody will travel anymore. But he doesn't think that's true--and it didn't turn out that way. The reason is that people adjust. Also, airlines now are much more efficient businesses, keeping costs down and using technology to sell tickets and pack planes. UAL trades at less than 10x earnings. He likes airlines and UAL is the best.
It's had a tough time, but new management have turned this from a stodgy company selling old technology to one that's poised to take advantage of the 5G revolution. It trades at 14x earnings. Buy and be patient. (Analysts’ price target is $51.43)
Consumers are demanding cheap, instant delivery. They have $70 billion of sales, 150,000 ground vehicles and 650 aircraft. They lead in this area. Sure, they compete with Amazon, but FedEx is able to grow over their ground delivery in the next 3-4 years by 100%. They will get out of the penalty and the market will reward them. (Analysts’ price target is $172.08)