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(A Top Pick Jun 07/18, Up 23%) It has been an interesting road due to the noise in health insurance and drug pricing. Over 176 million Americans use private healthcare providers, so he thinks it will continue to be successful. It is safe and trades at a reasonable 13-14 times PE ratio.
(A Top Pick Jun 07/18, Down 13%) The former PriceLine company. He still likes this holding. It has been one of the most successful NYSE listing in the past two decades. He originally bought it for under $20 over 15 years ago. The company will make $100 per share this year. It trades at about 18 times earnings, in line with how fast revenues are growing. It continues to expand and has thousands of property listings, including Europe. He would continue to hold it.
(A Top Pick Jun 07/18, Up 10%) He sold out around $166 in September last year. Still a good company, just better opportunities out there now.
A specialty insurer. They hold pricing power now and he expects that to continue for a few years. They implented good cost monitoring measures. It trades at 1.3 times book -- quite reasonable. Well managed. Yield 2.00% (Analysts’ price target is $152.44)
They are much cheaper than Netflix -- only 16 times earnings. Price is pausing, but longer term it has a great future following the 21st Century acquisition. They own Hulu as well. Yield 1.26% (Analysts’ price target is $149.28)