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(A Top Pick May 30/19, Up 44%) A contract research organization who partners with major pharma companies for drug testing and clinical testing. This is the second company in this space that has done well for them. He would stick with it.
(A Top Pick May 30/19, Up 28%) He continues to like it. The company dominates the market. It is not trading at massive market multiple. It has a sizable growth outlook, so it warrants the premium. They are monetizing investments of the past.
(A Top Pick May 30/19, Down 1%) They sold in late-April when it was trading at mid-2019 market multiples. It did not seem to warrant that value during the pandemic, so they decided to exit.
He recently bought this off the March lows. He felt it was a compelling buy, trading not far from its book value. A very senior bank in the US and probably the highest quality. They have a great capital position coming off the 2009 crisis. Yield 3.56% (Analysts’ price target is $109.21)
It trades at less than 10 times earnings and barely above book value. When money moves you want to be associated with those that facilitate that through M&A, trading and IPOs. A more junior company in the space, but very good company. Yield 1.31% (Analysts’ price target is $65.00)