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(A Top Pick May 01/19, Down 56%) It has sold off with the overall cannabis sector. They have been building their facility and the stock price was probably a little ahead of itself last year. They are developing patents and signing up clients. He will continue to own them.
(A Top Pick May 01/19, Down 51%) This was impacted along with the entire cannabis space. He got stopped out and took a small loss. They are into magnetic stimulation of the brain. Much like laser eye surgery, he thinks there is great opportunity going forward. It should be on your radar.
(A Top Pick May 01/19, Down 69%) This has been caught up in the whole cannabis selloff. They have a special extraction formula and have been ramping up their facility capacity. They are now generating revenue and cash flow. The CEO continues to buy. It is probably a year or so behind showing great results. He continues to hold it.
He thinks the trend in the space is exciting. They have multiple revenue streams form content, to patents to gaming. It has strong management. It has over $40 million in revenue and are looking to move into the US. This will increase revenues and trading multiples. (No analysts' price target) Yield 0%
A previous Past Pick. They sold off today on earnings that just fell short of expectations. They are in the bio-gas space which is being legislated as to how much renewable natural gas needs to be used. They have strong backlogs in orders. An area that has sustainability over the next 5 years or more. Good products and good experience. Yield 0% (Analysts’ price target is $4.89)