Bruce Campbell (2)
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President & Portfolio Manager at
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(A Top Pick Apr 27/20, Up 282%) Tele-medicine. Expanded through Canada and now into US. Trading at lower valuation than peers. Just raised capital for more acquisitions of technology and clinics.
(A Top Pick Apr 27/20, Up 240%) Restaurants have used this technology to be more efficient. Continue to make acquisitions geographically and in different verticals.
(A Top Pick Apr 27/20, Up 16%) Covid has indirectly increased their business. Growing organically and via acquisitions. Reasonable multiple. Either multiple expansion or a takeover target.
Many different applications of helium. Partnering with a team from Encana. In Canada and US. Looking for them to start drilling and producing helium. Helium regulations are changing come September and will provide a huge opportunity. No dividend.
Online gaming. Fantastic numbers reported today. Strong leadership. Waiting to see when they can get into the US. Cheap valuation. No dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $3.00)