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(A Top Pick Aug 09/19, Up 231%) A market darling centering around a gold operation in Papua New Guinea. The gold tailwind hasn't hurt. KNT was already gaining investor attention before this gold rally. He sees more upside here, so he's holding onto this. Also, this could be taken out down the line.
(A Top Pick Aug 09/19, Up 10%) A cannabis company in Nevada. Like Indus, they cleaned up their situation and are turning around. They bought a large dispensary in Nevada near Reno. An overhang was owing the vendor a lot of money, but that vendor has become the new CEO has fixed that debt. CXXI is now cash-flow positive. Down the road, they will do more acquisitions.
They;re exploring for silver in Mexico. From an acquisition, they got 500 historic drill holes with data, boasting fantastic numbers. Investors are concerned over historic data, so GR is twinning those holes to confirm these results. When they confirm this in the next month or two, he expects a huge move in this stock. This is likely a takeout target.
Before the pandemic, this was gaining traction, but COVID scared investors over restaurants closing. So, LSPD sold off, but now restaurants are coming back online with many boasting busy take-out and patio business. Those that survive must be effecient, and LSPD can help that. LSPD should pick up business in the future. (Analysts’ price target is $46.13)
This is Greenlane's big brother. Governments are pushing for renewable gas, so this is a huge tailwind for renewable natural gas companies like XBC. XBC just announced an acquisition and will continue to do so to increase revenue and EBITDA. XBC often is rangebound then consolidates. Now, it's entering its next acceleration. (Analysts’ price target is $5.71)