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(A Top Pick Dec 09/19, Up 30%) Still likes this long-term, but he's now focused on U.S. weed names. He prefers other names.
(A Top Pick Dec 09/19, Up 191%) They make renewable natural gas: They take methane gas from garbage dumps, feed lots and other sources and turn that into natural gas that's shipped through a pipeline. They do this worldwide, building and designing these facilities. He sees strong tailwinds here for the next decade as governments demand more natural gas to be renewable. Example: California wants 10% of nat gas by 2030 to be green vs. 0.5% now. XBC's technology leads the world. He continues to buy this.
(A Top Pick Dec 09/19, Up 129%) Hasn't been a smooth ride, especially last spring, but they continue to make restaurants more effecient, and they take over geographic areas methodically. They are also expanding beyond restos.
We're seeing a big sector rotation into energy. TVE has a strong ESG focus as well as cash flow. (ESG is a growing movement.) They use a methof of flooding a field to enhance the sustainability quotient in drilling at oil wells. (Analysts’ price target is $1.54)
Not the faster-grower or sexiest business, but they raised money this year to buy companies. Last week, they made an acquisition in Australia, which unleashed a huge rally. They'll continue to make acquisitions, particularly in Commonwealth countries for their better tax situations. These buys will produce synergy by cross-selling to new and existing customers alike. (Analysts’ price target is $37.13)