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(A Top Pick May 27/20, Down 14%) He got stopped out of this. Strong managers with a good media background. This was one of the first companies that could drive revenue in e-sports. It's probably taking longer to achieve that and the market got impatient. He's disappointed in their progress, but will likely re-enter this stock one day.
(A Top Pick May 27/20, Up 7%) It did very well last year until earnings disappointed. He got stopped out. Risk management is important in small-cap companies. They're in renewable natural gas that will enjoy tailwinds from governments in the coming decade. They got a little extended, partly due to Covid, and missed earnings. He's watching it. In time, this stock and space will move much higher.
(A Top Pick May 27/20, Up 65%) They plan on changing their name and moving onto the Nasdaq. They fly under the radar but trade at an attractive valuation. He's sticking with this. It will continue to do well on the Nasdaq.
They operate a multi-state U.S. health network. They're building out brick and mortrar with telehealth and speciality services there. Customers typically go in for services, but insurance companies are looking at a membership model so customers pay a fee and get access to a full suite of products. SHG is growing by acquisition and organically. Strong balance sheet and they trades at a big discount to peers. Based on their guidance for next year and their peers trading at 12-15x revenues, SHG shares should be worth $3.25 or twice current prices. He really likes management which owns a lot of shares. They're planning a Nasdaq listing. (Analysts’ price target is $1.88)
They're in cybersecurity and data management. Since 2017, they've been growing by 19 acquisitions which are accretive. It trades at a huge discount to peers like CGI, at 7.5x EBITDA and should be at 12-15x. So, the stock should be 50% higher. They report after today's close. If they miss, get in. If they beat, the stock will likely run. (Analysts’ price target is $9.67)