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(A Top Pick Jun 25/18, Up 17%) A needed commodity and the existing infrastructure is very important, as it is difficult to put more pipelines in the ground. The stock is attractive. It's constantly in the news, and there is headwind from environmental groups. They also have more supply than output capacity, so pipelines are full. They are going through a recontracting of the mainline and it should make their earnings more stable with longer term contracts.
(A Top Pick Jun 25/18, Up 51%) A spin-off of HP. Does test and measurement equipment, and does well in a new cycle in telecom. The 5G cycle will help them get stronger than normal earnings. Probably has another year for growth, but the easy money has probably been made.
(A Top Pick Jun 25/18, Down 50%) Was more bullish on energy then. LNG permits and approvals were happening, but the funds have not been flowing into energy. Should probably look into integrated major like Suncor right now. Need to see LNG facilities operating before the stock can take off. Good dividend with low cost and low debt. Energy has been a tough sector.
An infrastructure asset. A cold terminal that is used to load ships to Asia. Trading at a low multiple. They had faced headwinds with one of their customers going bankrupt but they were bought up so they are now good. Pays a good dividend around 3%. Has performed poorly but it is a good entry point right now.
It's always a good time to buy Amazon. It is always expensive. They are rolling out prime in 20 countries, and the stock should continue to grow 20% per year. AWS, e-commerce and their other businesses are all growing.