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Stock Opinions by Robert Lauzon

Market. He owns a lot of Canadian stocks for their dividends. This next decade is going lot be a mixture of inflationary chatters and then more on the growth side when inflation subsides. Energy transition to renewable and clean power is happening but it will take a long time to get where everyone wants to be. This will cause a lot of fits and starts of many sectors over the next decade. The next year will be tougher than the last couple of years. It will be a stock picker's market. The market will be 8 or 10% higher in the next 12-18 months.
He is not overweight consumer staples names and prefers Pepsi over Coke because of diversification. You might see a trade here, however, over the next couple of months. Lots of revenue will come from the re-opening trade.
food processing
The duopoly in Canada between CNR-T and CP-T: they are both great companies. It is tougher to get truckers. The rails are going to be important for the next couple of decades. There might be some digestion through M&A or there could be earnings beats. It is great for a long term hold.
It had a roller coaster ride over the last five years but is running on all cylinders right now. They would benefit immensely from rising commodity prices such as energy. They will be able to increase dividends.
oil / gas
A low cost way to get diversification. It is a great choice. You might be underrepresented in healthcare, however. He runs LS-T which will get you some of those companies.
The renewable sector has been neutral all year. It is partly because some of the earnings were lower than estimated due to wind not blowing in the some offshore areas in Europe. Legacy energy has been so strong that funds have moved out of renewable back into legacy energy stocks. Softening energy prices would move more funds back into renewable. He likes this one. It is the most expensive one, however. He has a higher weighting of the cheaper peers in his funds.
This is the perfect environment for them to be hitting on all cylinders. Their move into international markets in South America -- foreign exchange is hurting them. Farmers are spending a lot on equipment and machinery and not updating storage and grain bins. They is still a pending a law suit on a grain bin collapse from a year ago. He is watching it.
(A Top Pick Oct 19/20, Up 70%) It was taken out. Industrial real estate is hot. Pension funds keep raising money and need access to product. He has topped up a few others in the sector.
(A Top Pick Oct 19/20, Up 38%) He would stick with it. It is a great core holding and has been for a couple of decades. Immigration is coming back in after COVID and when you land in Canada, you need somewhere to live. There may be pressure on the Ford government to keep rents flat, but he likes the name. You might want to trim some of your gains.
investment companies / funds
(A Top Pick Oct 19/20, Up 59%) A year ago people were seeing lock-downs but most properties have Walmart and Dollarama, which stayed open, as tenants. He still likes these REITs. You might want to trim a bit of your gains.
investment companies / funds
Like any commodity producer, you are on a roller coaster because of the commodity price. We are in the sweet spot for Uranium so you may want to hold on to it for a while longer. The whole world cannot reply on wind and solar. He thinks you will see a bit of a resurgence. It is okay valued here.
integrated mines
It is a new addition for him on the renewable side. He took advantage of the Texas ice storm a couple of years ago. He likes the valuation.
electrical utilities
It is still a name he does not own. He sold a couple of year ago because he saw better value elsewhere in the space. He is watching it. He has not pulled the trigger to buy it back.
electrical utilities
He owns some of the peers. He has not gotten back into the story because of previous operational problems. He would add it now if he wanted to add more into the oil sector. They are doing more on clean technologies now. It is a good trade idea. He is not sure he would sell any of his others to make room for this one, however.
integrated oils
DIR.UN-T vs. COLD-N. He turned on COLD-N and reduced his holdings. It is now a show-me story. He would go with DIR.UN-T.
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