Robert Lauzon
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(A Top Pick Jan 28/20, Up 22%) Gives him exposure to renewable infrastructure. TA has rebounded since the pandemic. TA is viewed as Alberta power, but it also co-owns subsidiary Transalta Renewables (wind and solar power generation). You get the rest of TA for free, really, if you strip out T-Renewables. The price of electricity has really come back recently which has boosted shares. This is undervalued and he still likes it.
(A Top Pick Jan 28/20, Up 23%) Water scarcity is an pressing issue and the water grid around the world needs upgrading. That's why he bought this. Texas, given the recent freeze, probably will offer business to XYL to repair/upgrade their water infrastructure.
(A Top Pick Jan 28/20, Up 12%) They host Google cloud, Amazon cloud and AT&T. Busy is booming. It's a growth vehicle, but growth stocks are currently out of favour. The price has pulled back, so it's a buying opportunity. He still likes it.
Energy is enjoying a rotation into cyclicals and commodities. Pays a 7.5% dividend and offers 5-7% annual earnings growth. This will make you 10-12% a year. ENG actually scores high in ESG, given renewable natural gas, carbon capture and started building their third wind farm in France. He targets $50. (Analysts’ price target is $55.20)
This is firing on all cylinders. It put up a great recent quarter. Digital ads are coming back as will travel online advertising which will help cash flows. YouTube is picking up subs for its premium channel. Their Waymo division looks promising this year after sidelined in 2020. Google cloud is growing rapidly. Boasts many pockets of growth and is reasonably valued for a tech stock. For investors who don't need dividends, but seek growth. (Analysts’ price target is $2388.16)