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(A Top Pick Oct 25/19, Down 31%) They have been in deep negotiations with TECK.B-T. The market was pricing in a $16 stock for them. This is the base case for this stock. There has been tax loss selling. They are now in negotiations with other bulk commodities companies. He still likes it.
(A Top Pick Oct 25/19, Down 37%) It has had a tough couple of years here. It is a really good buy right now, trading at a 30% discount to net asset value. They were able to collect more than 95% of their rents. One day the value will shine through.
(A Top Pick Oct 25/19, Down 3%) Theme parks and cruises brought it down. They have no revenue streams from these but it is almost what it was before the pandemic. They pushed more content through their Disney Plus. He would continue to buy it on dips.
This is the backbone and infrastructure of E-commerce and logistics. All the big box warehouses near airports are fully leased and they need more of it especially in major hubs. There are 100 properties in the US. They have good institutional support. They trade 10% less than some of their Canadian peers but 30% cheaper than the US peers. They are collecting 99% of their rents and renew leases at higher prices. Earnings and growth are there. It is a blue chip REIT. You can make 20% in the next 12 months. (Analysts’ price target is $14.82)
50,000 apartment units, many in the GTA. You are going to have immigration come back into Canada early next year after a vaccine starts to get used. They are collecting 99% of their rents right now. It is a blue chip REIT here in Canada that looks miss-priced. (Analysts’ price target is $55.60)