Robert Lauzon
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Deputy Chief Investment Officer at
Middlefield Capital Corporation

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(A Top Pick May 23/19, Up 9%) He still loves the company and uses their tools everyday. They will be hit as advertisement hits will likely slow -- think travel ads. You could buy on a dip here.
(A Top Pick May 23/19, Up 13%) This is doing what it should -- paying a 5% dividend and be less volatile. People are still watching tv. Their corporate debt is solid and they are paying down debt. He will look to buy more. Yield 6%
(A Top Pick May 23/19, Down 47%) This has great assets and a great management team. They have more natural gas exposure. He has scaled out of some of his position and is not recommending to add to a position here.
He loves this stock for the next 10 years and now is a good time to buy. Their cloud computing will thrive as streaming increases. Their Office software and others allows for people to work from home during this uncertain times. You could easily buy 75% of your position at this level. Yield 1.32% (Analysts’ price target is $196.34)
He likes the yield. He believes they are making some headway on a CVT-19 drug on trial in China. They are also doing more M&A to bring innovation into their pipeline. They are working on liver disease drugs and HIV drugs. They have a clean balance sheet as well. Yield 3.68% (Analysts’ price target is $75.22)