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(A Top Pick Aug 21/19, Down 27%) He still owns it and still likes it down here for the same reasons. The negative performance is mostly because the market still wants to see a deal between them and TECK.B-T, which seems to be playing a bit of hardball. He would expect that they come back to the table some time this year and formalize an agreement for some tonnage.
(A Top Pick Aug 21/19, Up 32%) Half of what it returned is from it being a terrific company. The other half is the pandemic. It is still a great company. They have hired a lot of employees and are looking to keep 70% of them long term. It is a big player in providing cloud services. He continues to like it.
(A Top Pick Aug 21/19, Down 10%) The REITs have been hit pretty hard through the pandemic. It is an industrial REIT and is only down 10% because they are insulated from the affects of the pandemic to some extent. He continues to really like it and it is one of his top holdings.
It gives him some stability and safety in portfolios. About 3% yield and it is growing. You are buying a lot of their products in going to grocery stores and drug stores. It is a snack and beverage company. It is less exposed to the syrup business like pop in movie theatres and stadiums. You get a higher multiple and lower volatility. (Analysts’ price target is $143.11)
It is still very cheap in his opinion. It is cheaper than the market multiple. It is growing revenue, earnings and dividends as well as buying back stock. About a 4% dividend yield. A great management team. They merged their consumer business with GSK-N. There should be a boost to the share price when this gets IPOed in two to three years. In the near term there is their generic drug business that is merging with MYL-Q. They will then be an innovation-focused and higher growth R&D kind of Pfizer. (Analysts’ price target is $41.80)