Lyle Stein
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Sr. Portfolio & Managing Director at
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(A Top Pick Apr 26/18, Up 40%) He liked the 7.5% yield at the time. He continues to hold it and sees further runway ahead. Yield 6%
(A Top Pick Apr 26/18, Down 25%) It was not long ago it traded $10. In the past four weeks concerns over the economy have dampened the share value. They are doing good work to run the operations. It has great torque to the commodity cycle. He would be a buyer here. Indigenous investigation is causing some worry with mine expansion plans.
(A Top Pick Apr 26/18, Up 8%) They have exposure to the US residential market and pay a good dividend. They have an asset management group that generates good cash flow. He thinks the market is undervaluing this.
He acquired it around $110. He likes the streaming play. The Hulu announcement is also good. Trades at 20 times earnings. Yield 1.32% (Analysts’ price target is $147.24)
It generates $10 billion in cash flow -- $6 billion into developing the resources, the rest is free cash flow. Yield 3.91% (Analysts’ price target is $54.50)