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Stock Opinions by Jenny Harrington, CEO, Gilman Hill Asset Management


The market this week Flat is the new down. There isn't negative news, and Evergrande on Monday was merely an excuse to sell. The market won't pull back dramatically. She expects to buy stocks she missed earlier at a cheaper price soon. The market will be flat for a while. Remember that markets are up nearly 20% YTD and 30% in 2019 and 18% in 2020. All these gains are making investors a little nervous. So, they are stepping out and moving a little more money into cash, not not bonds (no income). The market is bifurcated between stocks trading around 30x and other around 13x.


She's owned this for a year since Disney was at $124, based on a thesis that Disney would ultimately earn $10/share, which is taking a little longer than expected. When it does, DIS will be trading at 18 or 20x, slightly lower than the overall market. She bought it as a long-term hold. She doesn't trade it. Disney deserves a premium valuation given a strong CEO and their amazing products. The theme parks are returning despite Delta.

entertainment services

$690 is the new price target, or 13% higher. She she still loves it. Both guidance and shares rose last Friday. The guidance surprised analysts who are this week are scrambling to upgrade it. She sees upside, though not as much as this year's increase. $690 is reasonable. TF benefited from more Covid testing. Goldman just upgraded it. Management always delivers. It boasts 8% organic growth and will grown into 28s earnings. She's happy.

electrical / electronic

Pays a 4.25% yield and rising interest rates will be positive. A regional U.S. bank.

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