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Stock Opinions by Jenny Harrington, CEO, Gilman Hill Asset Management

Kohl's Corp

It's rebounding today after an earnings drop. Expectations were too great after investors saw good numbers from Abercrombie and Foot Looker and Best Buy. She's opkay with Kohl's, will hold and give it two more quarters. Regular sales were up 2.4%, though clearance sales reduced overall sales 6%, but inventories fell 13%. Good management here. They will maintain the dividend while reducing debt.

department stores

Had a modest downgrade today, but that analyst still expects 49% earnings growth in 2025. This trades at 19x PE and 32% EPS growth. She's enjoyed nice upside since she bought it last year.

investment companies / funds
Teradyne Inc

Is up 17% in May. They directly benefit from AI because they produce semi-testing equipment. It trades at 37x with 55% and 35% earnings growth in the next two years.

electrical / electronic
Aptiv PLC

Up 16% in May. Their software and wiring is used in almost every car. It sold off earlier this year when EV's sold off, but it trades at 12x PE with 15% growth with big cash flow. 

B&G Foods Inc.

Down 15% in May. The 7% dividend is rich, but the earnigns growth and outlook are real.

food processing
Vanguard REIT ETF

A contrarian call. There remain gems in the rubble of commercial real estate.


It's a little too expensive. It comes down to valuation. It has a 3% free cash flow yield. (Forward PE is 43x.)

specialty stores
Pfizer Inc
They reported beats and raised forecast

They pay over a 6% dividend and trades at 9x PE. A wonderful story here. Will grow at a realistic 3-8% as you collect that dividend.

biotechnology / pharmaceutical
Eli Lilly & Co.

Is doing very well but is risky because it's trading at far higher multiple than its peers. If there's competition in their obesity drug, shares will sink.

biotechnology / pharmaceutical
Oneok Inc New

Announced earnings, slightly mixed, and raised guidance. Trades under 16x PE and pays a 5% dividend. Likes it overall.

gas utilities

Likes their numbers, even better than the big banks. Shares have nearly doubled over the past year. Is less headline and overall risk than the big banks. Have $9.1 trillion in client assets, growth rates are 27% next year and 22% the year after that, and trades at 18x PE. 

investment companies / funds

Was upgraded today. Customers are cutting budgets short term, but a company can't have AI without investing. Cisco will come out with AI-specific products. So, focus on their long term. Short term is not great at 2% earnings growth then 6% in 2025 then 2026. Trades at 13x PE. She will hold it forever.

electrical / electronic

Was upgraded today. Earnings are expected to grow 28% in 2024, 67% in 2025, and 20% in 2026. People freaked out when their foundry business was losing money, but bookings of the foundry are up from $10 billion to $15 billion. You need to be long term this.

computer parts mnfctr
Shell plc

It's the best oil major that will benefit from the LNG boom in the next decade. Trades at 9x PE and pays a 4% dividend.

NVIDIA Corporation

Many like herself are waiting for more of a pullback and feel that this rally doesn't feel right, doesn't feel good. She's nervous about Nvidia reporting next week. If they blink wrong, there'll be a sell-off like yesterday.

computer software / processing
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