Latest Stock Buy or Sell?

Today, Robert Lauzon commented about whether PFPT-Q, ZEN-N, NFLX-Q, BB-T, AVGO-Q, MSFT-Q, DIS-N, MDB-Q, SHOP-T, GOOG-Q, MU-Q, CCI-N, LSPD-T, NFLX-Q are stocks to buy or sell.


Hold your winners, and trim if a position grows too large in a portfolio. MDB is in a hot area in tech. Traditional enterprises are struggling with how to make use of cloud computing; it's a complicated issue with the big question being, what do you do with databases? Oracle has long been dominant here, but many companies feel trapped in their relationship with Oracle. MDB arrives from a different direction--open-sourced that allows users the flexibility to move that data. That said, MDB is a complicated sale; it's lumpy and chunky. It's a volatile stock, and he'd own only a small holding.

Self-driving cars There's been a lot of misinformation, partially from Elon Musk. We're a long way from self-driving, but robo-taxis in select markets are starting this year from Google's Waymo. The important thing is that these cars need extremely detailed maps, like where every street and shop sign is; people jaywalk; or a blind driveway. The car needs a processor needs to read other cars and people crossing the street. Google is testing this now in 25 cities and buildings these super-detailed maps. It's a potentially huge market, double-trillion-dollar globally. Also, a self-driving taxi's cost is 75% lower than a human-driven taxi. Five years from now, robo taxis will be widely used.
Tech staples (that his company runs in a fund) vs. consumer staples The market keeps giving above-market multiples in consumer staples like Coke, because they're safe and defensive, but tech is growing 17% a year and is trading cheaper than the consumer staples. He thinks tech stocks are not expensive and should compliment utility stocks in a portfiolio. Also, he expects tech stocks like Google to pay a dividend in coming years. Tech stocks have huge runway ahead of them, namely in digital advertising, as well as in healthcare and financial services. Amazon and Apple are going hard into e-payments. They also have gobs of cash and little debt.

He owns both, but Netflix will see more grwoth as it penetrates internationally and doubling worldwide subscribers. They could expand into music and games. Disney pays a dividend, but Netflix will give you a higher total return. With Disney, be patient as they get into streaming, especially internationally.

entertainment services

For a TFSA And Google. Both have good room to grow. MSFT has defensive, stable earnings growth with lots of diversification in many markets. Buy either or both for the long-term.

computer software / processing

He likes their dividend growth, but they grow by acquisition, therefore carry debt. When credit spreads blow out, it'll become tougher for them to do deals--and there are fewer deals for them to do now. Other semis that pay a dividend, though lower, are growing, and are in 5G are Xilinx and NVIDIA.

They have a great niche in car security software. Another auto-sensor company was taken out earlier this week. As 5G comes, BB could be a takeover target. You could capture a bit of growth as well.
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