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(A Top Pick Nov 14/19, Up 12%) Down only 1.37% on this sell-off day. It's a steady-eddy. It's been trending sharply up since December. He's still buying it.
(A Top Pick Nov 14/19, Up 4%) This does well during volatility. He owns a lot of it. This needs to hold above $60 or else it falls into the low-$50s. Trades at light volumes, so can be volatile.
(A Top Pick Nov 14/19, Up 16%) This shot up from its base around $175 starting last October. No longer owns it. Pharma is fairly predictable, buy may be kicked around by US politicians during the campaign. He suggests entering the pharma space now.
It's entering seasonality into September. This basket of stocks is timely. A boring, steady producer.
The risk/reward is fairly good. It had a good week last week and has been trending upward lately. Base metals enter seasonality in March. Has a seen a good upward trend since late 2018. A fine long-term holding. Has an excellent balance sheet and its revenue, EPS and EBITDA blew away all expectations. (Analysts’ price target is $9.27)