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(A Top Pick Mar 22/19, Down 17%) He still likes this one. It has come up immensely since the bottom. He was expecting the rotation from growth to value that we are seeing now, back then. See his Top Picks today.
(A Top Pick Mar 22/19, Up 5%) He is out of it now. It was a 6 month pick. You could still pick this one up though. He does not see too much impact from interest rates. He thinks rates might push up a little over the next year.
(A Top Pick Mar 22/19, Up 13%) He still holds it but is starting to evaluate whether he should pair back.
The downside is better encapsulated here than when he first recommended it in March. It is a really good entry point. They have a fantastic balance sheet. (Analysts’ price target is $37.31)
They are a provider of sequencing solutions for genetic analysis. It is a really good entry level. It is a pretty volatile stock. Commercial genetic testing is going to explode and these guys are emphasizing consumables. (Analysts’ price target is $321.79)