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(A Top Pick Aug 12/19, Up 17%) It has had higher lows since he recommended it. You needed to have an exit plan. It is still a good place to be.
(A Top Pick Aug 12/19, Up 13%) China lowered their tariff on US goods. We have a trend here but will have resistance in the high $20s. If we get through that then away we go. He would add to this name. It would, however, come off with any correction in the next couple of weeks.
(A Top Pick Aug 12/19, Down 2%) He sold it about early October. If you have a lot of exposure into defensives then you might want to lighten up on this one. You would want to wait before loading up on this one now.
The trend is up. Insurance companies are a much better place to be than the banks. It's a lower yield than the banks because people have been bidding it up. They have a great balance sheet. (Analysts’ price target is $62.70)
It is a great way to play energy. It has had a long base pattern. It pays a nice dividend. They are adding propane capacity. He expects the share price to accelerate. He expects the dividend to increase. (Analysts’ price target is $54.93)