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(A Top Pick Mar 22/19, Down 6%) One of the best mining stocks. It fell to $24 in October, and recently returned to February lows around $27. The lows are higher, which is reassuring. The deep cyclical stocks aren't moving these days. If it falls below $28, then it will likely return to $26. TECK really ramped up in April during the China-US trade talks, so until there's clarity on those talks, TECK won't go anywhere.
(A Top Pick Mar 22/19, Up 2%) Resistance at $24 but we'll probably see a push higher as the real estate markets heat up again.
(A Top Pick Mar 22/19, Up 5%) Been on an uptrend since January. It's making a new high. Buy it--it'll keep making new highs, but if interest rates rise, you don't want to own utilities.
He's very bullish gold. Good risk/reward for the next three months. He's recommended gold stocks elsewhere on this show, but this is a good basket of them.
Healthcare is a great secular play, though a political hot potato in the US. Now is a good seasonal play for biotech stocks, but you must hold this long term.