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Stock Opinions by Hap (Robert) Sneddon FCSI


Growth stocks offer the best opportunities in what will soon be in a secular growth market. The Nasdaq wants to get going, but is held back by rising interest rates. But we're seeing green shoots from companies reporting not-good earnings, but then reporting more positive announcements. Growth is the place to be in the coming 2-3 years after value did well. We're seeing a changing of the guard. He sees the S&P at 3,700 at the bottom and 4,125 at the top (resistance). So, if the S&P cracks that resistance, we could see a 10% move up. The S&P is hitting resistance right now. Interest rates need to hit 5.75%-6.00% to vanquish inflation. But oil's move upwards (caused by OPEC+) and China's reopening could fuel inflation.


A timely buy. It's seen an uptrend in 2023 to return to the June 2022 high. It's pushing on new highs now. Definitely the time to buy.

oil / gas
Cargojet Inc

The chart if bottoming these days after missing earnings in early March. We need to see their recent low hold for support. The chart is a downtrend since last August. The chart may signal a recession is coming.

Transportation & Environmental Services
Saputo Inc.

Inflation has pushed input costs. $34 is support, and has been trending up in the past month. Now, is a good time to enter this. But there'll be overhead resistance from existing shareholders waiting to sell to break even.

food processing

Tech is one of the best spaces now. The chart is trending up since last November. A good company. 

computer software / processing

The stock is hitting resistance. Gold and silver have done very well. To know where the price of a commodity is going, look at companies that use the commodity. Look at FVI's share price, and that's been rallying. Don't add positions in gold and silver now, because mid-May enters seasonal strength in the USD--bad for Canadian minerals. But look at these names in late-June. Be patient.

precious metals
Magna Int'l. (A)

A great company, but shares plunged in February after they issued weak guidance and numbers. The current $70 price is resistance, so you can buy a partial position and see what happens. Certainly enter around $65.

Agnico-Eagle Mines

Is approaching $78 resistance, and shares are popping 5% today. The underlying trend is good, though. Be patient. This current move is parabolic. Look at this space in May-June, not now.

precious metals
Manulife Financial
Caller frustrated by MFC performance

The chart had a decent upward move from October to early March, but has fallen since. Has now returned to its $24 December base. Is widely held by large institutions and pension funds. More than other insurers, MFC is so tied to the S&P. $24 is good to buy, but if that breaks, MFC could fall to $20.

(A Top Pick Mar 18/20, Up 63%)

A safe, no-brainer basket of staples. The grocers and Dollarama did well. The chart upward since March 2020.

Eli Lilly & Co.
(A Top Pick Mar 18/20, Up 160%)

Health has been in a secular bear market for a decade and likely will remain there for another decade. However, LLY shares are toppy now around $360. You can't go wrong with this name or sector.

biotechnology / pharmaceutical
Open Text
(A Top Pick Mar 18/20, Up 18%)

It performs when the market is volatile or frothy. Interesting. It bottomed in mid-2022 around $36 and topped in mid-2021 around $72. They gobble a lot of companies. Fine organic growth. Good to buy today.

computer software / processing
Parkland Fuel Corp

A bellweather stock. Is climbing above $31 resistance now. Chart shows a nice trend since November. Stick with it or buy a half-position to enter.

merchandising / lodging

It enjoyed a bump with the Rogers-Shaw deal greenlight. The last 6 months have seen 3 short-lived uptrends, but an overall downtrend since January. This needs to show an uptrend, or else it'll go sideways.

Is now rebuffing a takeover bid

It's in an interesting space. Copper and gold remain attractive. The stock moves around, but always has a fantastic balance sheet. Shares have soared with the takeover news, but you can still buy this.

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