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Stock Opinions by Hap (Robert) Sneddon FCSI

Each correction is different, depending on how deep it goes and for how long. In the past month, sure we've hit highs but below that things are murky. The TSX held up better because of our big financial component. He doesn't see the TSX correcting that much. Gold went up, but the US dollar failed to and is starting to roll over. Oil recently bottomed and today it sold off, but its outlook is looking better. Gold has spiked and went up today, though there wasn't a rush to the US dollar. After gold's spiky move of late, he expects it to come back a little. He expects another wide market sell-off Tuesday. Doesn't expect more QE, because the market fundamentals remain strong. The US treasury yield hit $1.37 today which is the floor, the September 2019 low. Based on past bottoms, the yield should rise from here.
Nutrien Ltd.
The chart shows a long, steady march down since early 2019. China will be a big influence (their commodity demand). NTR is hitting a bottom last seen in 2018, so you can start a position here, then add above $60. The risk/reward is good.
What indicators do you use for technical analysis? One isn't enough. Actually, some of the best traders use just one indicator like the 200-day moving average. He likes the RSI vs. the index, a simple--is my stock rising against the index? He also likes the Williams %R (https://www.investopedia.com/terms/w/williamsr.asp). If one indicator works, then that's fine.
What's the breakout point and how do you know where and when it is? It's been range-bound for three years, bottoming about $9.50 and topping at $12. Now, we're at the top. Look for the chart to move higher (with good volume) to confirm this move up. This is significant, because four times before it has not. Then, it may fall back to $12 to test that breakout.
Effected by the coronavirus? The coronavirus has effected the entire space, but HBM has fallen since late-2017 with two spikes up in its chart. In the last six months, it's fallen further to $3.60 with support at this level. Base metals pick up in March (seasonality), though. HBM must tournaround or it will fall below $3, per late-2015 levels.
precious metals
He's watching this and wants to buy it. LSPD is right above its 200-day average of $34.78. Now, it's slightly above that. Look how this closely after its third day--which is a rule of thumb--to decide whether to take profits if you own it. If LSPD stays below $34.78, then sell.
(A Top Pick Nov 14/19, Up 12%) Down only 1.37% on this sell-off day. It's a steady-eddy. It's been trending sharply up since December. He's still buying it.
Open Text
(A Top Pick Nov 14/19, Up 4%) This does well during volatility. He owns a lot of it. This needs to hold above $60 or else it falls into the low-$50s. Trades at light volumes, so can be volatile.
computer software / processing
(A Top Pick Nov 14/19, Up 16%) This shot up from its base around $175 starting last October. No longer owns it. Pharma is fairly predictable, buy may be kicked around by US politicians during the campaign. He suggests entering the pharma space now.
Pharma & Healthcare
The dividend yield is 15.55% which scares him. If the market knows a stock will cut the dividend, the stock can actually rally. VET is basing now and looking better on an absolute basis. If this breaks below November lows of $17.10 in a weekly close, then he'd worry. But the basing action now can support a partial buy.
oil / gas
It's below its 200-day moving average and has returned to its January lows. In October 2019, it fell to $8.50, which we don't need to revisit. If it closed below $10.91, then something is going on and it's likely it'll return to $8.50. Now, it looks pretty good. Watch to see it can stay above $10.91. With today's sell-off, FCX's risk/reward looks better.
non-base metal mining
Manulife Financial

Chart shows a double-top of $27. Insurance looks good. Nice upward move since start-2019 in MFC. He doesn't know the fundamentals of MFC, though it got hit hard today in the global sell-off. He owns other insurers including Sun-Life.

$99-126 is its range for trading. Wait for earnings on Feb. 26, which he expects to be decent, so it would be a good buying opportunity on Thursday/Friday. CM is right at its 200-day moving average. A buying opportunity if this falls to the lower end of its range.
$195 is the first line he'd like at--will FB stay above it? $170 is the next line. If this goes sideways at $195, then enter it. The other level is $160, so if it falls below that, then sell.
MTY Food Group
Today's news was good, because it broken a downward trend in a downward channel.
food services
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