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Oil/gas producer in Thailand. The real story is their offshore Thailand oil production. Have had some significant success, which is continuing. Have the ability to double their production over the next year or so. Reasonable valuation at about 3X 2012 cash flows.
North Sea oil. Some production in Argentina but the real juice to the story is a development well that they are partnered with in the North Sea that is coming on in 2012 with a 2nd one in 2013. This will ramp up their cash flow and increase their production by 50%. Well-financed. Could pull back from here but would use that to accumulate.
North Sea oil. Between 2011-2013, with the projects they have coming on stream, they'll be tripling their production and cash flows. Cheap valuation.
(A Top Pick March 31/11. Up 16.78%.) Will have increased production over the next couple of years. Still likes.
(A Top Pick March 31/11. Down 1.78%.) Was up until a couple of weeks ago when they had a production shortfall. Will be increasing their production above 50% over the next year. An attractive entry point.