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(A Top Pick Sep 28/20, Up 0%) Benefiting from same store sales and competitors going out of business. Retail space is becoming a lot less crowded. Companies that have a strong business model and can grow will do well.
(A Top Pick Sep 28/20, Up 15%) Trying to be more proactive in getting patients treated and cutting costs. Encourages healthcare providers to be efficient. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
(A Top Pick Sep 28/20, Up 19%) New 3-year deal with Apple. A core holding for him.
Dominant in its category. Will be able to do at-home delivery. Ahead of the curve. Benefiting from downfall of Pier 1 and others. Big and getting bigger. Yield is 2.27%. (Analysts’ price target is $303.05)
Spread across Canada. Now looking at opportunities in Asia. Going to see continued expansion worldwide, which will help cut costs further. Yield is 0.80%. (Analysts’ price target is $52.47)