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It is the dominant dollar store in the US. They feel they can add a thousand stores a year for the next decade or more. The ROI on these stores is two years. It is a growth story. (Analysts’ price target is $222.76)
The dominant health insurance company in the US. It is the first one to integrate the pharmacy, benefits and insurance payer all into one. They are generating a lot of good will during COVID. (Analysts’ price target is $344.96)
Own the designer of the chips rather than the cell phone. If you want to be in the tech space, this is the one. (Analysts’ price target is $398.55)
(A Past Top Pick Jul 14/16, Up 49%) They brought in new management during a turnaround and they executed extraordinarily well. He has been pleased and sill owns it.
(A Past Top Pick Jul 14/16, Up 51%) A much improved balance sheet and management is really executing on their balance sheet.