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Stock Opinions by Brendan Caldwell


Unsure whether the market has realized there might not be interest rates cuts. Believes interest rates are unlikely to move before the US Federal election. Real estate investors in Canada are realizing that rates might not fall - creating interesting dynamic in markets. Commodities (gold etc) not rising as fast as expected (due to Bitcoin). However, gold prices appear to be appreciating. Uranium appears to be strengthening as a result of demand for Nuclear energy. Record high US debt also making economy unstable. 

Ares Management

Investment management business very strong - high margins are nature of business. Arranging private debt offerings which are much less competitive. Potentially a very strong growth area. Large banks have left niche for new entrants. Lots of room for growth for the long term investors. 

Financial Services
CME Group Inc

One of the largest exchanges in the world. Good for long term investors as has steady income streams. Futures and derivatives products very profitable (exclusive ownership of futures). Growth in international market and data of users (electronic gold). High barrier to entry also makes for a good business. 

Financial Services
W. W. Grainger Inc

Maintenance and repair business for industrial machines. Very defensive business with constant demand for product. Lots of profitable M&A that has helped with on-shoring of American manufacturing. Good for long term investors. 

TJX Companies

(A Top Pick May 12/23, Up 24%)

Discount clothing business that is performing well. Owns companies like Winners and HomeSense. Higher interest rates pushing consumers to lower priced shopping centers. Has sold shares (believes is fully valued). 

clothing stores
Stryker Corp.
(A Top Pick May 12/23, Up 15%)

Has since sold shares. Believes stock is fully valued. Medical device business performing well. Surgeries recovered after pause during Covid-19 pandemic. 

biotechnology / pharmaceutical
Granite REIT
(A Top Pick May 12/23, Down 10%)

Will continue to own shares. Expecting recovery in shares. Industrial real estate (warehouses etc.) performing well. Expecting further growth in sector. Geographically is diverse across Canada. If/when interest rates stabilize - expecting return to higher profits. 

property mngmnt / investment
Air Canada

Likes business and expecting further growth. Not seeing rebound in share price since Covid-19. Trading at 2-3x earnings - probably a good time to invest. 3rd quarter usually the best time for business. Would recommend buying. 

Tesla Inc

Public bet on Elon Musk - depends on performance of founder. Fundamental electronic car business under pressure. Chinese competition very strong. Lithium production always a concern (China controls majority). Cutting costs and staff - but unsure on direction of business. Premium brand is a good aspect, but difficult to determine outcome. 

Consumer Products
Celestica Inc

3-5 future looks bright. Holds company is value momentum fund. Canadian tech sector under valued. Expecting further growth in business. "Picks and shovels" style business that supports tech sector. Current share price fairly valued as earnings expected to rise. 

electrical / electronic
Cardinal Health Inc

Does not own shares in business. Healthcare sector has tailwinds, but unsure on direction of this particular business. Expecting growth in pharma portion of business. Overall, healthcare has strong fundamentals. 

wholesale distributors

Mid-cap Canadian lending company. Owns shares in business, and expecting further share price appreciation. Lending strategy generally requires higher interest rates. Suspects higher quality customers due to large banks turning down customers. Higher interest rates not impacting business model (interest rates always higher). Would recommend holding. 

Financial Services
Vermillion Inc

Does not own shares, but likes Canadian energy sector. Believes Vermillion could be a turnaround story. Many good names to own within sector. Expecting higher energy prices going forward. Supply not keeping up with demand in traditional energy sector. 

Microsoft Corp

Excellent business - owns shares in company. Very high margins with strong management. Able to dominate every portion of business that it enters into. Data, A.I., office suite and variety of products that keep growing. Would recommend buying, and holding for the long term. 

computer software / processing
TD Bank

Money laundering scheme is difficult to determine in damage. Will take time to see how lawsuit plays out. Would recommend holding for now. Strong business franchise with near oligopoly in Canada. 

Financial Services
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