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Stock Opinions by Brendan Caldwell

Market. It is a wonderful time because no body knows anything now. For the last year we had this COVID shock and then the markets almost doubled. If we are not going back to something normal we are going back to something new. You have to own the kind of stocks you want to own when you don't know what comes next. Worker productivity should increase in the next year. As a society we have not absorbed the implications of our ability to work at home.
Price of Oil. It has been surprising in all directions. Demand has already picked up and it will take time for supply to catch up to it. For all of the power we are generating we are eating it up in generating bitcoin or charging electric cars. Oil prices will continue to remain strong but Canada has to figure out a way to capitalize on it. We only have about 5 years.

There are other ways to do real estate. He likes Tricon. He thinks there might be a continued setback for student residences. Tricon has housing in the US where there is demand for their houses.

property mngmnt / investment
It has done very well. With no one going out to the stores, the stores have to come to them. It is about online shopping. Energy prices are going up so they will be challenged with fuel prices, however. Globalization might not come back and companies are sourcing local. He expects to keep owning this one. Buy only a little bit of it because it has gone up so fast and if it continues to go up, then buy a bit more. If it pulls back, then buy a little bit more also.
He likes the renewable space in general. Demand for power is not going to be relenting. A number of other renewable companies have not seen anything good happen with their stock prices but oil and gas companies have. Buy a bit now and buy a bit more after the earnings are released tomorrow.

(A Top Pick Dec 31/20, Up 25%) Home renovation has benefited them. It is stronger than Lowes right now, because Lowes is going through some restructuring.

specialty stores
(A Top Pick Dec 31/20, Up 2%) They own the NYSE. They own the mortgage processing company in the US. Mortgages have been in huge demand as interest rates have been low. He owns a lot of it.
investment companies / funds

(A Top Pick Dec 31/20, Down 4%) Now they are getting into more integrated businesses, more like Loblaws. The change was a bit of a surprise. Markets don't like surprises. He continues to own the stock.

food stores
The business of investment plans has been doing very well. With everyone at home, they are spending more time looking at portfolios. There is really a market for professional investment advice. He thinks this market will have hiccups. He is bullish on this industry in general, however.
investment companies / funds
The Texas power outage was somewhat of a temporary set-back. These do happen. Short term negatives on companies you like just mean it’s a good time to get in. It is a good time to start building a position in the sector.
electrical utilities
It is oddly stalled, flat-lining. It seems the business of making documents happen remotely should continue to do well as we recover.

These businesses have been kept alive by Uber-eats. He thinks there will be a pick up in demand after COVID.

food services
It is an insurance business at its core. He thinks the pandemic will be very good for the insurance business. They are the poster child for how to invest in the best of America. If you thought about owning it for a long time, then buy a share and see how it goes. Over time it will become a different creature as the principles pass away.
It is the most international of the Canadian banks. A catalyst to make something really good happen would be if two Canadian banks merged. There is not much room for them to grow otherwise.
All of the alternate fuel transportation companies have come down. Medium to longer term they are likely good investments. This is the original alternative fuel car.
misc industrial products
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