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(A Past Top Pick Jul 14/16, Up 49%) They brought in new management during a turnaround and they executed extraordinarily well. He has been pleased and sill owns it.
(A Past Top Pick Jul 14/16, Up 51%) A much improved balance sheet and management is really executing on their balance sheet.
(A Past Top Pick Jul 14/16, Up 69%) A variety of aerospace businesses. There has been a big secular move as more and more countries have begun to travel. There is a lot of technology consulting coming down the pipe. We will need these tech consulting firms.
He likes value combined with momentum. It is the strategy that works. This is a leading Canadian IT company and there will be continuing demand for consulting services around the world. Margins have been expanding There are more M&A opportunities as well. (Analysts’ target: $74.00).
Jazz is a really stable business. Growth is through the aircraft leasing business that they have been expanding. Getting back to the old highs are possible. He is looking at buying it a while after the brake occurred and they have started to turn around. (Analysts’ target: $10.50).