Fred Sturm
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Chief Investment Strategist at
Mackenzie Financial (Resource and Precious Metals)

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(A Top Pick Jan 14/05. Down 8.5%.) Still likes.
(A Top Pick Jan 14/05. Up 10%.) High returns on investments. Well managed. Growth opportunities around the world.
(A Top Pick Jan 14/05. Up 7%.) Looking for higher gold prices and this is an anchor for the world's best. Profitable with growth opportunities. Trades at reasonable valuation to net asset value.
US government is trying to come up with a bipartisan bill to encourage digitalization of information. This company is a leading participant in digilazation of health technology. Not a cheap stock, but sees a lot of growth opportunity.
What will be emerging over the next decade is more health care and cheaper. Attractive price. A good consevative way to participate in a growth sector.