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3rd largest lumber producer in North America. Selling at single digit multiples on an earnings basis. Generating significant amounts of cash flow. Clean balance sheet. Good management. If they got the tarriffs back from the softwood lumber dispute, it would amount to $4 a share which is not factored into the price.
Has a dominant position in Canada and is expanding into the US. Management owns about 5% of the stock. Trades at a mid teen multiple. Trucking/transportation business Has been doing very well. Balance sheet is strong enough to allow them to make further acquisitions. Very attractive price.
A contrarian pick. Looking at it relative to its peers in the US trades at about 10 X earnings versus a multiple in the teens. Good free cash flow yield. Made a US acquisition last year which should help them show growth this year.
(Was a top pick on Oct 2 down 8.4%) Took profits at $13/14. Still own some shares.
(Was a top pick on Oct 2 down 3.5%) Still likes. Expects more growth.