Sandy McIntyre
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Vice-Chairman and CIO at
Sentry Select Capital Corp

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(A Top Pick Sept 7/11. Down 4.24%.) Do a lot of metallurgical and thermal coal shipping. 3rd quarter numbers, thermal volumes were down sharply as natural gas is displacing thermal coal in electrical generation. The rest of the business is doing fine. He is still picking it up on weak prices.
(A Top Pick Sept 7/11. Down 17.48%.) A great way to move money around globally. Had a disappointing quarter. Still happy with their current operations and he is adding to their position.
(A Top Pick Sept 7/11. Up 7.02%.) Feels it is being overlooked because it was so well owned 12 years ago that there is still residual distribution pressure on it as fund managers get redemptions. 11% earnings yield and 3.5% dividend yield and no net debt.
Management is planning on growing the business to be profitable. Return on assets, return on capital and return on equity is to become a core discipline at the company.
Has seen a change in capital structure and in management. Trading at 9X earnings with no debt. Has a global footprint. Capability of high-quality manufacturing/assembly vehicles as well as providing the parts. This is in an industry that is experiencing growth.