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When you look at betting, it is bigger than cannabis. Their old name is behind them. They made acquisitions in Europe. In the US the supreme court has is now allowing sports betting. These guys are the largest poker player in the world and the largest internet gambling company in the world. (Analysts’ target: $50.36).
If we learned anything about tariffs, it is lumber. STLC-T's pension liability is gone and they have a clean balance sheet. They have the ability to increase capacity. They remind him of the lumber debate. (Analysts’ target: $33.50).
They are in the services side of the energy picture. Last quarter its margins came down because of rising input costs that they have not been able to pass off. They took market share from competitors. If you look at the inflection point with OPEC, their production could go up and prices would go up as their reserves go down. (Analysts’ target: $8.14).