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(A Top Pick Sep 03/19, Up 45%) He bought it 18 months ago, when there were worries about Democratic candidates who may pressure U.S. medical insurance. The Medicare advantage is a serious tailwind given aging demographics in coming years--a lot of people will buy this insurance and Humana sits in the sweet spot. There'll be volatility in this space before the November vote, but medical insurance will remain a force. He sold some shares, but still likes this stock and sees a good long term.
(A Top Pick Sep 03/19, Down 36%) Last early-march he sold this to raise cash. Their production numbers were way down, but this has bounced back a lot. Problem is, provinces and states are suffering such big deficits, they will spend (a lot) less on buying new buses.
(A Top Pick Sep 03/19, Down 36%) 18 months ago, BPY bought US mall assets, but this sector (and high-end retail) has been badly hit in the last 6 months. However, the parent Brookfield carries record levels of liquidity, which can carry this stock. He sold his shares. If the shares don't recover, Brookfield may even take BPY private, he speculates. BPY is trading at a deep discount to NAV which will be under pressure because of the economic environment. BPY has been under pressure for the past six months.
Bought it in March after they bought a videoconferencing company. He'd been watching this stock and their great track record of purchases. They're a Canadian tech consolidator, though smaller than CSU in market cap. They have incredibly consistent cash flow that they deploy well with purchases. The shares are being re-rated because of their videoconferencing exposure. Enghouse will continue to benefit from work from home. He sees a lot of organic growth ahead. Really likes it, enjoying great tailwinds. (Analysts’ price target is $89.67)
He's been bullish gold for two years and remains so. We'll continue to see the debasement of currencies against hard assets, so gold is in the sweet spot. Barrick shares will consolidate around these levels for a while. He owns Barrick long term and doesn't trade it. It boasts record free cash flow. (Analysts’ price target is $42.38)