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(A Top Pick Jul 27/18, Up 34%) Most recent quarter a bit soft. But focus on the same store sales number, that's the important one. In a decade, they haven't issues shares once. They'll be able to grow through acquisitions and by selling more products. Could still put new money to work here today.
(A Top Pick Jul 27/18, Up 5%) Great job at creating industrial warehouse space in the US. High quality, institutional style portfolio in the US. Good way for Canadians to get exposure to e-commerce and the US economy. Not too late to put new money to work. Yield about 5.5%.
(A Top Pick Jul 27/18, Up 89%) Great job of investing in their business, expanded internationally, grown loyalty plans, new AmEx platform. Great modern fleet. Acquiring Transat. Too late to get in now, based on the economic cycle.
US health insurance under pressure. Very cheap. Will benefit from next Democratic government when it makes Obamacare better. Retirees who are living off medicare, but want to buy extra insurance, will go to a company like Cigna. Best value without taking on drug pricing or pipeline risk. Huge tailwind in US healthcare space. Yield is 0.02%. (Analysts’ price target is $214.83)
Great place to be, especially if the Fed cuts rates. Gold stocks are still at multi-year lows. The charts look beautiful. A place where you can make some money. You have to watch it, put a stop on it. Yield is 0.98%. (Analysts’ price target is $20.92)