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There's great opportunity in U.S. health insurers. But Pressure from politicians ahead of the 2020 election are pressuring drug and health stocks. He doesn't believe the State will go to nationalized healthcare, as the Democrats want. Humana is a Medicare Advantage provider; over 70% of revenue comes from here, and Americans are aging--demographics favour Humana. (Analysts’ price target is $334.86)
Continued urbanization will help NFI. Also, more people need public transit in North American cities. NFI is a leader in the zero-emissions electric buses and this space will continue to grow for years as cities want greener transportation. NFI has been pressured for the past year, because of lower guidance and orders. This is a great long-term opportunity. Pays a yield over 5% at a cash flow yield of 10%. (Analysts’ price target is $38.50)
BPY is the real estate arm of Brookfield, with global real estate in premier office and retail. Shares trade at a discount to NAV pays a yield of 7%. (Analysts’ price target is $31.14)
(A Top Pick Aug 17/18, Up 6%) They've done a good job adding properties in Milwaukee and Chicago, the industrial heartland with properties built for e-commerce. They're in the sweet spot. A great long-term way to play US industrial real estate.
(A Top Pick Aug 17/18, Up 85%) He sold and rotated his shares elsewhere. AC has done a remarkable job of turning around their business: re-did their fleet, grew internationally, re-did their loyalty program, paid down debt. Fantastic managers. But it'll be tough for airlines with the Max 8 issue and a slowdown will hurt airline demand--that's why he exited.