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(A Top Pick Oct 28/19, Up 126%) It is still a large position even though he trimmed a lot of it through October. He still likes the backdrop for them. If you order anything online there is more than a 90% chance that it gets flown on one of their planes. They care greatly about their employees. There is plenty of upside from here. They have taken on some load that would have gone on passenger planes.
(A Top Pick Oct 28/19, Up 41%) He trimmed it but still owns it. He likes their focus on the Medicare segment of the healthcare space. A lot of the headline risk has gone following the election. There is a huge tailwind of new customers for them as people turn 65 in the US. There is still huge growth opportunity over the next few years.
(A Top Pick Oct 28/19, Up 3%) MTL.DB-T Convertible Bonds Maturing 2026, 5.75%. He sold them out of his equity portfolio but still owns them in his bond portfolio. He is very familiar with the company and they have a very consistent track record. There is an imbedded call option in the share that triggers if it gets above $14.
A diversified industrial technology company. Medical imaging software, toll road software. They have a broad base of businesses geared to industrial technology. They take their cash flow and deploy it into acquisitions. They have a good track record. He likes the consistency of the income and cash flow streams. (Analysts’ price target is $439.31)
A lot of car sales growth recently is in the used car market. A lot of the used car inventory got sucked up last spring. It is a consistent business. It has a really nice tail wind for the next couple of years. (Analysts’ price target is $1365.94)