Cameron Hurst
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(A Top Pick Jun 08/18, Up 11%) He continues to love holding this. Worldwide hospital spending continues to increase.
(A Top Pick Jun 08/18, Down 15%) The geopolitical background has changed. He still likes it and keeps it on his radar. There can come a time when this makes sense again and he will jump back in.
(A Top Pick Jun 08/18, Up 25%) Software service with a recurring membership fee is doing great. They are seeing 20% growth in revenues and he expects that to continue. Software is not in the cross hairs like semi-conductors and other computer equipment.
He loves this fin-tech ETF that holds all the great financial payment holdings. Very defensible businesses. A great basket to own. This will offer good secular growth. Yield 0.52%
US real estate focused in the REIT space with an overweight into large towers and data centres. Great tail wind from rates and real estate. Pays a nice dividend. Yield 3.2%