Cameron Hurst
Member since: Aug '15
Chief Investment Officer at
Equium Capital Management

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(A Top Pick Aug 07/18, Up 1%) He was stopped out a while ago. Managed care got hit and became politicized. The sector went neutral, so he went into medical devices instead.
(A Top Pick Aug 07/18, Down 12%) A commodity down turn impacted this. Pipes and mid-stream assets in the Permian, where there is still some good tailwinds. He continues to own it. No fundamental reason to step away. Pays an 8% dividend.
(A Top Pick Aug 07/18, Up 16%) The 1.5% ten year yield has benefited this one. Rent levels can continue to grow. He continues to be focused here.
He likes the outside exposure to data centres and towers. This opens the door to participate in 5G. Yield 3.27%
The only area of healthcare he remains invested in. The demographics are creating tailwinds. An aging population and growing obesity is good for this. Good cash flow holdings and good diversification. Yield 0.32%