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(A Top Pick July 20/17, Up 52%) They have one of the most significant payment networks in the world. More and more people are moving to financial platforms. 60% of revenues come from personal expenditures. There is still a lot of runway.
(A Top Pick July 20/17, Up 56%) He looks for companies that dominate their market. This is the number one consumer healthcare brand. More than the next 5 largest competitors combined. It was a show-me story at the time. It needs to penetrate other geographical markets like China for continued growth. It is fairly valued at this price.
(A Top Pick July 20/17, Down 25%) It is a global communications and surveillance business. He has a target of $80 and it was time to go at that point. It is now headquartered in the US. They drew the attention of short sellers: Allegations of accounting irregularities; management resigned days before an investor day. You need to make sure the short interest is gone before investing.
Express and ground are 80% of their business and are doing exceptionally well in terms of growth prospects. They are expanding in advance of the holiday season. They are starting a pilot of 50 stores inside of Wal-Marts. Trades at 14 times forward earnings. (Analysts’ target: $288.15).
They won the crowd with Facebook and Instagram. They got through the Cambridge Analytica scandal. The shakeout has taken place. They have no debt. ROE is 20%. (Analysts’ price target $205.12).