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Stock Opinions by Marc-Andre Robitaille

His investment style is growth at a reasonable price. Canadian dividend but not preferred shares. Bank CEOs are pretty vocal that they wont cut their dividends. Thinks the worst is over in the markets. Market acted aggressively, perhaps a little two aggressively since March lows. Stay away from the volatile stocks.
Has reinstated its dividend and is very good. Delivering better than expected results for 10 quarters.
transportation equip & components
8.3% dividend. Stock had a good run recently. Likes company but they have a big exposure to US real estate market, however it is trading at a big discount to its US piers. Fairly save dividend until at least 2010 unless economy deteriorates after 2010.
property mngmnt / investment
Likes it. Has very good management and delivering decent growth and has decent growth. He prefers dividend to distributions. Doesn’t see reasons why they would cut the dividend.
property mngmnt / investment
Highest yielding common stock in energies in Canada. History of returning cash to shareholders. For numerous years they have paid special dividends, although not last year. Low debt to equities. Biggest risk is the commodity price.
oil / gas
Offers less downside than more growth oriented telcos. Dividend is safe, but not as much upside appreciation. It’s defensive.
telephone utilities
Took profits after the 100% run up. Prefers risk/return of banks over lifecos. Viewed right now as a play on the market. In the short term the run-up might have been a little overdone.
Likes because of Quebec exposure and no US and limited western Canada exposure. Quebec’s economy seems to be more resilient. Yield is in line with piers but better earnings momentum and ROE.
Raised dividend as expected by market. Was under phenomenal pressure compared to piers. Dividend is safe and he lives the yield. Wait for earnings before buying.
electrical / electronic
Prefers to Embridge. Nicest growth profile and more clear. Likes yield and thinks it is safe.
oil / gas pipelines
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