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(Top Pick Jun 1/16, Up 7%) He bought and sold it a few different times in the last year. They make several drugs. They have several trials with positive news having come out in the last year. One or two new drugs will get approved in the next year. He still likes it, but keep in mind the aggressiveness that comes with it.
(Top Pick Jun 1/16, Up 11%) He sold 6 months ago. A play on housing. The housing sector will continue to grow. The millennials are starting to make money and family formation is picking up again. He likes DHI-N to play homebuilders right now. Or you could pick DOOR-N.
European chip manufacturer. They are a supplier of chips to the self driving cars. This is all next gen. Everyone points to the number of self driving cars that will be on the road in the future. It has big bottom line growth as well. (Analysts’ target: $17.50).
He likes all the major lithium players. They grew 181% in the lithium division last quarter. Latin America was beaten up a little bit. It is about energy storage everywhere. There are 6 more giga-factories going up in China right now. (Analysts’ target: $36.00).
Telehealth. We hate going to the doctor when all we need is an antibiotic. You can talk to a board certified physician through TDOC-N. Revenues increased by 60% as did memberships last quarter. This is the future of medicine. (Analysts’ target: $32.00).