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Markets. He is not worried about Trump not being able to get things through. The rally through since the election was based on Trump’s election. There is an issue with him not being able to get three major pillars of his campaigned through, but it has only been 120 days. We will not expect to see the benefits of him for the next three years. He is focusing on global growth internationally at the moment. An increase in oil prices would be bullish in the short term. He is fine with oil in the range of $40 to $53. This range is great for the stock market. He is avoiding energy stocks right now. BP is the only one he owns because of the large dividend. He is overweight technology. He likes small to mid cap names.


It is one of the few fast food companies that continue to do well. They are growing their bottom line earnings pretty quickly for what they are doing. This management knows how to adapt to the changing demographics. It is one of the few that will continue to do well and it is global.

food services
General Electric

He shies away from it. They spun off parts over the years. But it is such a big conglomerate. He only likes some parts. It will not be an outperformer.

electrical / electronic
Kinder Morgan Inc.

Pays a nice dividend. Oil can’t break out and until that happens we will not see oil related stocks break out. This will be in no man’s land. It is okay to hold it for the dividend.

Goldman Sachs

Financials got rushed. Trading volume this quarter has been lack luster in this sector. Interest rates continue to dip lower. We have not yet had a reduction in regulation as expected after Trump’s election.

investment companies / funds

Interest rates help insurance companies. He likes this industry and this stock, but it will not get the growth you want, but it will grow its dividend. It is a good way to diversify within the financial sector.

International Paper

He like this and the sector. How do we get everything we buy on Amazon? It comes in packages which are made from paper. The companies that get involved will do well. He loves it.

paper products / business forms

He likes it. A good bottom line and trading at a decent valuation, close to breaking out. It is close to hitting an all time high. People love the experience and they think they are getting a deal.

department stores
Bank of America

It is sitting on a support line of $21-$22. Buy a half position. They are bouncing off support. He favours JPM-N, but has nothing against this one.


The video game phenomenon is getting another boost. We are at the beginning of the next phase. He likes it.

computer software / processing

(Top Pick Jun 1/16, Up 7%) He bought and sold it a few different times in the last year. They make several drugs. They have several trials with positive news having come out in the last year. One or two new drugs will get approved in the next year. He still likes it, but keep in mind the aggressiveness that comes with it.

Pharma & Healthcare
Ply Gem Holdings

(Top Pick Jun 1/16, Up 11%) He sold 6 months ago. A play on housing. The housing sector will continue to grow. The millennials are starting to make money and family formation is picking up again. He likes DHI-N to play homebuilders right now. Or you could pick DOOR-N.


Aerospace defense is doing well and terrorism is not going away. That is going to keep these stocks doing very well. Wait for a pull back. He does not buy a stock on a day it is up.

Block Inc

It is up about 180%. He loves it and he loves the mobile payment universe. It would be a takeover target. It is going higher.

Twitter, Inc

He does not like it. He uses it, but does not like it. He is moving to Instagram. TWTR-Q is not that hip anymore. They cannot figure out how to use all the data to monetize it.

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