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(A Top Pick Feb 02/18, Down 57%) She recommended it on the date of the announcement of the Baytex intent to acquire Raging River and sold on the announcement of the date of the takeover. Therefore, Raging River no longer exists.
(A Top Pick Feb 02/18, Down 23%) Vermilion acquired Sparton so SPE is no longer listed. She acquired Vermilion stock on the acquisition. Vermillion is down about 20% since the acquisition. Still owns Vermilion stock.
(A Top Pick Feb 02/18, Down 34%) This is a light oil company. She is still buying at these levels. She thinks dividend is safe. She thinks it will improve when light oil differentials improve over the next few quarters.
Are a gas and condensate company. Just had their best quarter. They had fantastic growth. Now they are looking at measured growth and cost controls. She purchased it about 3 months ago and is a big fan for the long term. Yield = 0% (Analysts’ price target is $22.35)
They are light oil. They are well balanced and have a small dividend and are promising to increase their dividend yield. They are long term thinkers. Yield = 5.5% (Analysts’ price target is $9.78)