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This is an example of the kind of stock that he is willing to ride a lot longer and to much higher multiples if he believes management is outstanding. Executing extremely well on many fronts. Fully funding all their expansion and the institution of a dividend. If you feel there will be a market correction, you might want wait.
Likes the footwear industry. Very low multiple at about 25% of revenue and 11X earnings. Targeting to do about $2 a share in the next couple of years. If you put a twelvish multiple on this and get to 50% of revenues, it’s not very hard to get to $25 or $30.
A leading performer of high performance plastic resins. Decent dividend of almost 3%. Low price sales and reasonable price/earnings. 2/3 of the business is profitable European operations and 1/3 is unprofitable North American. If the new CEO can get North America up to decent profitability, there is a lot of room for earnings and margin expansion.
(A Top Pick Nov 3/10. Up 5.96%.)
(A Top Pick Nov 3/10. Down 9.85%.) Still Buying