Steve MacInnes
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Inhance Investment Management

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Gas oriented. Less well known. Management has had a fantastic track record over the past 5 years. Acquired Ryder Resources, a brilliantly timed acquisition at very attractive purchase metrics. Well balanced between deep gas and shallow gas and heavy oil prospects.
If you are skittish about commodity prices or the risks to mining, this is a way of participating in the resource boom. 2nd biggest contract driller in the mining business in the world. Over 500 rigs in 20 countries. Specializes in harder more challenging drilling where the margins are better.
Has achieved something like 20% annualized growth since its IPO in 1994. Management is talking very conservatively and one of their major practices is in residential and non-residential construction and this has hit the stock. The environmental and infrastructure sides of the business are booming. Cheap.
A great play to participate in the ongoing high levels of activity in Alberta economy and infrastructure build out. Spectacular record of acquisitions. Has been oversold. 10% yield.
Canada's most international bank. Fundamentals for banking are superb. Looking to improve their domestic franchise. Caribbean and South America are some of the hottest economies right now and he likes their position there.