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Owned 2 businesses. Nitrogen fertilizer and a refinery. Spun off the nitrogen fertilizer in April, which will declare a dividend of $1.92 a share. An 8% yield on the spin-off would be worth about $24 a share. CVR has a $1.3 billion position in the spin-off. CVR market cap is $2 billion and subtracting $1.3 billion gets you $0.7 billion for the refinery business. Current crack spreads generate $600 million in EBITDA this year with the replacement value of $2.8 billion.
An old line telephone company that came out of the ashes of US West. They had just closed the acquisition of Quest. They should be able to reap merger synergies of several hundred million dollars. Trades at about a 16X free cash flow yield and offers a dividend of 7.25%.
(A Top Pick Oct 15/10. Down 65.03%.) Extracting protein out of canola. Moving in the right direction, but they slipped on the time element and they got pounded. Believes the market potential is large.
(A Top Pick Oct 15/20. Up 0.18%.) Not expensive. Appears the product cycle is to extend it with new products.
(A Top Pick Oct 15/20.) Still likes. Trading at 10X earnings.