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The core Crocs brand is performing well, while HeyDude has been a weak spot in the last two quarters. Management is making adjustments to align HeyDude with the overall business, and they are also focusing on share repurchases. The risk/reward for the stock looks attractive, with shares trading at a roughly 14% earnings yield. It may take another quarter or two before markets start paying attention again.

Crocs Inc.
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The core Crocs brand continues to look strong with HeyDude (HD) being the weak spot in the last two quarters. Markets will likely need to see the HD business normalize before getting too interested which will take at least one more quarter.  Management has acknowledged that the business line has hit a few speedbumps as they have made adjustments to have it better align with their overall business. They have also been going back to share repurchases recently, which could act as more of a near-term catalyst as the company sorts out the HD issues.

We still think the risk/reward here looks attractive and shares trade at a roughly 14% earnings yield. We would be reluctant to sell at these levels, but it might still take another quarter or two before markets really start paying attention again. 
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household goods
Crocs Inc.

They thrived during Covid, because people wore informal-wear, but then got killed after Covid. It bottomed last summer, but recovered 170% since then and 15% YTD. They bought the Hey Dude brand, which helped. They reported an excellent quarter last Thursday.

household goods
Crocs Inc.
Last December, the announced they're buying peer HEYDUDE for $2.5 billion. Problem is, there are too many show company and Crocs didn't need to make that deal.
household goods
Crocs Inc.
It's jumped 130% this year and has consistently beaten the numbers. On Tuesday, they host an analysts' meeting and will likely lead to analyst upgrades.
household goods
Crocs Inc.

(A Top Pick July 30/12. Down 6.48%.) Stock is down because they reported a weak quarter. Trading at only 8X the shares earnings. Stock is somewhat seasonal so you’ll see earnings and revenues ramp up in the spring and summer. $18 is very easily attainable.

household goods
Crocs Inc.

Brought in a new management team. He thinks the stock is cheap. They have a great balance sheet. People just think of the clogs. That is only 48% of revenue. They do other kinds of shoes. Growing rapidly in Asia. Is a sustainable model now.

household goods
Crocs Inc.
Had a big run up from March/07 and just had a severe drop. To protect yourself from this, draw a trend line, and when it breaks the trend line, Sell.
household goods
Crocs Inc.
Had a phenomenal one-year return in excess of 100%. Sold his position too early. Feels this is a fad and there will be knock-off shoes for half the price.
household goods
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Crocs Inc. is a American stock, trading under the symbol CROX-Q on the NASDAQ (CROX). It is usually referred to as NASDAQ:CROX or CROX-Q

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On 2024-04-17, Crocs Inc. (CROX-Q) stock closed at a price of $119.31.