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Was in a roaring bull market, went sideways for quite a long time and has now just broken out to new highs. He can see no resistance from here and would put a stoploss at about $58, with the right to raise it.
(London Stock Exchange)Statistically both trusts and energy stocks are starting to come on. Good combination. For longer-term investors, he would suggest a stoploss of about 10%-15% below where it is.
Has broken out to new highs. Suggested stoploss would be around $35.
(A Top Pick Apr 17/07. Up 0.4% including dividends.) This is no longer a technical pick. It is now a fundamental pick. Will takeover go through or not? Had a stoploss and was stopped out of part of his position.
(A Top Pick Apr 17/07. Down 17%.) When the Cdn$ gained strength last summer, that was his exit point. If you are a short-term trader, this is not a bad Buy point as it allows you to put a very tight stop in.