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A pure play on zinc. Have grown production year-over-year by about 30%. Good management. Almost no debt. Valuation is about 2.5 X cash flow, about half that of its peer group.
A rapidly growing consolidator of mid-market apartments, primarily in Calgary and Edmonton. Increased their units from 300 in 1998 to over 5000.
Silver play in Mexico. Had a phenomenal 2006, and despite that it is relatively under followed and under covered. Have optioned out about 56% interest in their Wanasebo project on condition that $5 million is spent on drilling over the next 5 years. The grade that they encountered on the initial drilling is twice what they had on their own property.
(A Top Pick Jan 8/07. Up 33.4%.) Being acquired by Agnico-Eagle (AEM-T) and he sold at the time the offer was made.
(A Top Pick Jan 8/07. Up 49.7%.) Being acquired. Presently in a bidding war.