Market. The story about valuation being stretched is nothing new but now you have geopolitical uncertainty and rising interest rates. The market is not willing to play as much for pure dividend plays. Earnings per share growth have been healthy on the S&P and half of it is from tax cuts. That growth won't be there next year. FB-Q is spending much more than expected and took a dive. They represent a lot of the US market. So you see this played out in the index. You should pick individual stocks and not buy the index because then you can control your weightings.


It has had a tremendous appreciation in its share price over time. If you look at it from a value perspective it is always too expensive. 22-29 times. It is at about 35 times now. He would be shy to enter it because of this but if you own it, you might trim it or move to APX-N (American Express). There is a big spread in valuation, bigger than normal.

other services

It is an opportunity because he believes in it long term. It could be bumpy over the next 6 months as they have some CAP-X spending to make on security. He will buy when it pays a dividend.


Interest Rates. Canada and the US are raising rates. You should put money into the one with the faster increasing rates, as increasing rates make the currency stronger. It will probably be the US.


It has been great if you don't need a dividend. We need to give management a lot of credit in being able to execute the growth strategy. The share price took a bit of a breather and it is probably because the share price went up so much. They are having to invest in their distribution center and network. It is close to a 30 times PE.

Consumer Products

He is not a fan of it. It has a strong brand in Canada and pays a great dividend but that is about it. A lot of investors underestimate its risk. He thinks their restructuring is positive. But it is going to take some time.

oil / gas pipelines

It has some similarities to ENB-T. The dividend is seductive. Investors are wondering where the growth is going to come from. There have been better places to park capital for share price appreciation. He prefers BCE-T to this one [mentioned by caller].

finance / leasing