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(A Top Pick Jun 27/18, Up 3%) They are in the home insurance business and more particularly title insurance. In the US housing markets, prices have softened. This has had a negative effect on this name. The title insurance premium charged is based on the price of the home. So this has hampered its stock performance. He still likes the name and it pays a decent dividend.
(A Top Pick Jun 27/18, Up 8%) He has sold his position in this. They were rolling out new stores and changed their pricing of exactly the same item depending on the store's location. He looked on this as a risk and return. He made money on the name and has since moved on.
(A Top Pick Jun 27/18, Down 13%) They are a regional bank. They have had a challenging 52 weeks. He still likes the name and continues to hold it. It pays a decent dividend. It has been a sideways stock over the last 12-24 months. The balance sheet is clean. They did an acquisition that should be beneficial to shareholders over time.
This is one of the best run utilities in the US. It is not a value play but a high quality play. It is another way to add to the utilities. It is trading at over 20X earnings to is trading at a premium, however, you are buying quality. It is the best run utility in the US. You are not buying it at bargain levels at current price. Great way to get exposure to US utilities. Yield = 2.7% (Analysts’ price target is $56.44)
This is a value play at these levels. Has been beaten up because of the trade tensions. This name has real traction in the industry. So are picking up a well established company at a decent valuation. Question is are we done with the trade tensions? He doesn't think so, so you just have to pick your spot. However, 5 years from now, you should be happy. Yield = 4.2% (Analysts’ price target is $320.33)