Latest Stock Buy or Sell?

Today, Bruce Murray commented about whether MDT-N, MA-N, CSCO-Q, GM-N, PPL-T, UNS-T, ITP-T, MRU-T, MFC-T, MRE-T, U-T are stocks to buy or sell.


Loves uranium longer-term. China is building numerous reactors. Nuclear power is the only way they are going to get rid of all their pollution. At the moment, uranium is struggling with a hangover of the Japanese situation. It is probably 2-3 years before we start to see a pickup. He owns Cameco (CCO-T).

precious metals

Owns Linamar (LNR-T) and Magna (MG-T). We are lucky in the Canadian market in that we have a good choice of great companies. This one is the smaller of the 3 big ones. It is cheap and is a turnaround, so this would be a value play. It possibly has more upside in the short term as they get their business turned around. Forward earnings is very, very cheap. A good name.

metal fabricators

A little cheaper than Sun Life (SLF-T). The whole industry requires higher interest rates to get moving. They delivered a bit of a surprise over the last 6 months in that they have investments in energy, and the stock pulled back. If you are a patient investor, you will do very well in both stocks. ROE is sub 10. Sun Life has a better ROE. They both have great Asian exposure which is doing well. Canadian banks will do better than either.


Had owned this for a while, but the return from Loblaw (L-T) became more attractive and he switched. Both are great companies.

food stores

In the last 10 years, this has been a very good stock to own. Had a little bit of an upset in the spring because of floods and the transition of their plants in the Carolinas. Long-term, this industrial tape area is doing a great job.

packaging / containers

This has been one of the better companies in the last year. Made some decent acquisitions in automotive paint distribution to automotive refinishers. They are continuing to grow.

wholesale distributors

The whole energy sector is very similar to what happened in 1979. Given the nature of commodities you get an expansion that starts, and then has to continue because the price of commodities gets so high that it doesn’t make sense not to invest and move the stuff. There was a collapse in 1980 and oil bottomed in 1998, 18 years later. China has just finished industrializing and they are now slowing. Commodities are going to be struggling for the long-term, but it doesn’t mean you can’t make money. Has stayed away from the entire energy sector, with the exception of the pipelines. This is probably a decent stock, but you are probably better off moving into Amazon, Alphabet or Microsoft, where you will make more money in the next 5 years. (See Top Picks.)