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Stock Opinions by David Newman

Stantec Inc

From an engineering/design side, this might be the company that could benefit the most from the Fort McMurray Alberta fire.

EnerCare Inc

A good yield play. It has been a solid name and has done a great job in water heaters, etc.

Consumer Products
Amazon.com, Inc.

He loves this. It could definitely go upwards to $800 or higher. There are 2 components to the business. 1.) The e-commerce side which is doing spectacularly well. 2.) Their cloud business is by far and away ahead of Microsoft (MSFT-Q). Now Alphabet (GOOGL-Q) is trying to get into the game. This is really just a case of investing in hardware and the servers, and they are driving costs down and winning over so many other companies. Has a target price of $847 in 12 months. (See Top Picks.)

specialty stores

This is all about the ecosystem, video, ad spending, and wrapping themselves around social networking. Have done an extremely good job on the video side. Finally, ad agencies are moving away from print, TV, etc., towards digital. He has a $135 target price on this.

CSX Corp

Prefers Union Pacific (UNP-N) in the US, and Canadian Pacific (CP-T) in Canada. There is not much difference between the 2 Canadian rails, but CP is trading a little cheaper. Union Pacific is trading at 16X. The trouble with the Eastern rails is that they are shorter hauls. Efficiencies in rails come with longer hauls. All US rails are beset with coal. Intermodal is where they have tried to grow the business.

Loblaw Companies Ltd

Just completed their SAP. You are still seeing pretty rational environment in Canada of square footage growth. The issue with the grocery tillers (?) has been the West, and this company is very well positioned with a discount banner out west. They also have Shoppers which is doing a great job. Integration will continue to do better than what is forecasted.

food stores
Dollar Tree

A US dollar store? This one is coming into Canada, especially out West. He likes the sector. They did the Family Dollar acquisition, and are digesting that right now. There will be lots of synergies coming out of that. Opening 900 stores this year and 1000 next year and have 15,000 stores, so there is lots of opportunity for growth. Has a $92 target price.

merchandising / lodging
Apple Inc

The sales of cell phones obviously starting to decline. You have to look at this company in 2 year increments. Definitely the replacement demand is there for the next generation. The next iteration, iPhone 7, is not expected to be all that spectacular. It’s when we get to the next generation, when they have these OLED devices, flexible plastic. Likes the name and feels it is trading very, very cheaply, and still has high single digit growth.

electrical / electronic
Air Canada

He likes this. Trading at 3 or 4 times earnings. Load factors are good. They are controlling their revenue per available seat mile and are driving down their costs. Also, taking advantage of their international routes. Feels the stock is stupidly cheap.

Alphabet Inc

Has strong growth and is monetizing it through ad spending, and is obviously going more digital. They also have their other bets, such as curing aging through Calico. They are getting into the public cloud as well. Also, has 70% market share of Core Search. Growing at 20%. He has a $1000 target on this.

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