Brad Willock
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Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager at
RBC Asset Management

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(A Top Pick Aug 9/06. Up 48%.) Still likes. Well-positioned and make good products.
(A Top Pick Aug 9/06. Up 25.1%.) Yield at the time he bought was over 7%. Took profits when the stock went up making the yield drop and replaced it with Windstream (WIN-N) that yields close to 7%.
(A Top Pick Aug 9/06. Up 19.7%.) This was his way of getting exposure to the technology sector.
Clinical labs. 2 big players own most of the market. Expects volume will increase because of aging population needing more and more tests. Very profitable.
An institutional money manager. Whatever money they make each quarter, they give it back to you in the form of a dividend. Very profitable. International.