Ben Cheng
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President and Chief Investment Officer at
Aston Hill Financial Ltd.

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(Top Pick Dec 3/15, Up 8.12%) There was certainly some volatility. The actual business itself will not be affected by Brexit. They are looking at properties in Ireland now. 91% of their revenues currently come from the NHS in the UK. He sold last week because he cannot predict the continual political changes in the UK and it was at a high.
(Top Pick Dec 3/15, Down 5.30%) He exited just below where it is now. They are in the US and are the number 1 provider of HSAs. They are wonderful vehicles that save for healthcare costs. The other 75% of their business is traditional banking. It is difficult for them to maintain margins with interest rates so low.
A consolidator in the funeral home business. They are not doing this via debt. They use equity rather than debt. 3.25% yield. He still sees upside on this one.
He likes both their REITs. He is bullish on this one because they focus on grocery anchored malls. Above 7% yield and it is sustainable. He feels they will make tuck in acquisitions and increase the yield.
(Top Pick Jan 29/15, Up 27.91%) They are consolidating the space. PSA is the big guy and there is not much growth there.