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Some people say that Chinese problems might spill over. He sees it as production chains moving out of China into emerging markets. These economies look good, and multiples in these markets are reasonable. A very broad index. China is 30%, India 10% and a world wide spread. It’s recently had a good run.
His more conservative side. Low volatility stocks do very well when markets get dicey. It hasn’t been a bad ETF to be in through various market cycles. Mostly banks and utilities with virtually no energy stocks.
Invests mostly in bank papers. A good place to park money for short-term. Better than just sitting on cash. The ETF is pretty liquid so you can sell it whenever. Boring but at a reasonable price and yield.
(A Top Pick Nov 30/18, Up 10%) Still likes it. He thinks people misjudged the company simply because it’s not a pure Canadian play. More a play on central and South American play. It has one of the highest dividends for a bank.
(A Top Pick Nov 30/18, Up 16%) The utilities surprised him by going through a flat period where they didn’t do well. If you’re searching for yield, this is a good ETF. A yield over 6 percent. A good place to park your money for cash-flow.