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If you decide you want to buy into the energy sector, which has been beaten up so badly, this is a good way to sneak in. It has bigger companies and it’s a relatively safe way of putting your toe in the water. You have to believe there’s a turnaround coming if you choose this pick.
Some of the offshore stocks are worth investing because multiples are cheaper. Prospects in Canada are so-so, so it’s a good way to diversify out of Canada.
It’s really not a bond fund. A place to park your money with yield just under 2%. You’re not exposed to a major sell-off in fixed income. If you’re cautious as he is, it’s a good play.
(A Top Pick Jan 11/19, Up 11%) He’s neutral on the banks at the moment. He wants to see how the economy sets out. Retail sales and unemployment numbers weren’t good. He would rather buy Scotia, mainly because they are outside of Canada. He would wait on the banks.
(A Top Pick Jan 11/19, Up 19%) A pretty conservative way to approach the market. Mainly utility type stocks that don’t bounce around. It’s worked quite well.