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A good way to go to the stocks that are least affected by sell-offs. Big financial and consumer side.
An ETF that holds short-term bank papers that are hard to buy individually. An alternative to not earning any money in a bank account. The fact that it shot up was a warning that it markets were in trouble.
He hadn't anticipated the impact of the coronavirus. It has a big Chinese content that can do well in the long-run but he wouldn't be in a rush to buy in right now. Stocks are very cheap in emerging markets and they are not affected by the virus.
(A Top Pick Jan 11/19, Up 23%) He still holds this, and he will be shifting towards this area. He's negative on the markets.
(A Top Pick Jan 11/19, Up 26%) He thinks this is still a good choice to weather the uncertainty right now. Low volatility ETFs are good when the markets are uncertain.