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(A Top Pick Jul 06/18, Down 30%) He expected the price of oil to come back but the oil stocks did not. Until the consensus among portfolio managers changes on Canadian energy, avoid this.
(A Top Pick Jul 06/18, Down 5%) It has a decent yield and has global exposure. He sees better growth in non North American areas. He is happy to hold this.
(A Top Pick Jul 06/18, Up 16%) It has held up very well. He continues to hold it and is happy with it. It is a good stock to have as a base stock for a portfolio.
This is electrical utilities, pipelines, and telecommunications ETF. It has gone sideways in this market environment. It is a good place to park your money. Good diversification with this ETF. Yield = 6.3% : Expense ratio = 0.7%
This has always been a good ETF in a difficult market. This is a good place to hide in uncertain times. Yield = 2.4% : expense ratio = 0.4%