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(A Top Pick Jul 06/18, Down 29%) He's away from the oil and gas table now until the selling stops.
(A Top Pick Jul 06/18, Down 2%) Good stock. Into various jurisdictions in Central and South America where growth rate will continue to be good. Not an exciting place until we get beyond the current economic cycle. Yield is 5%.
(A Top Pick Jul 06/18, Up 17%) Generous dividend increases which should continue. Dividend supports the stock in bad markets. A core holding. Will do fine as long as Canadian economy chugs along. Yield is 5.25%.
Low volatility, well diversified, for tougher markets ahead. Very low risk. Yield is 2.42%.
Diversified. More on the consumer side of the market, so not as exposed to the trade wars. Yield is 1.73%.