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(A Top Pick Oct 05/18, Up 4%) It's come back quite nicely. All the banks have been back and forth. He likes BNS since it operates in higher growth areas. Their growth rates are 4-6%. Glad they are moving out of some Caribbean countries that were more trouble than good.
(A Top Pick Oct 05/18, Up 6%) Good exposure to the US. We're in a period where the US market has outperformed the Canadian market.
(A Top Pick Oct 05/18, Up 5%) He's been positive on emerging markets. There's a shift in production out of China to some of these countries. There are stocks from South Korea, Japan, Philippines and India amogst others.
An ETF that emphasizes on stocks with low beta. In a volatile market, this is the type of stock you want. It's made of utilities, consumer staples and discretionary. A safe and stable way to enter the market.
A lot of analysts felt that utilities are trading at historically highs multiples but yields are very low. To earn a nice dividend yield, it's a good diversified way to do it.