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(A Top Pick May 28/03. Up 200%.) A nuclear rebirth is taking place. The stake they have in the Bruce Nuclear facility gives them leverage in Ontario into a rising power price market. Has had a huge run, so they are more cautious on it at this price. Would like at it $5 or so lower.
(A Top Pick May 28/03. Up 33%.) Sold long ago. It was bottom feeding on a broken down company.
(A Top Pick May 28/03. Up 18%.) When the economy went into a downturn, they got out.
Western Canadian decline rates are getting steeper and steeper, so more wells have to be drilled just to keep production flat. Utilization rates are high and are going to go higher. Rig rates are high. Made a very timely acquisition of a rig fleet. Also a potential to become an income trust.
Matalurgical coal and copper have been big wins for them, and yet to come is zinc which they feel will be in strong demand. China is bringing on the largest amount of galvanized steel mills that may have ever been brought on in such a concentrated time frame.