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Likes the company on its own, but it's also being in the midst of a takover. Really likes the Inco (N-T) Falconbridge combination in terms of cost savings. Creates a fairly large Canadian nickel producer which could be a potential take out target. Also thinks there's potential upside in commodity price.
There is still opportunities for them to grow. Has strong US expansion opportunities. Has best year over year growth going forward. Looking at 15% (including dividend?) over the next year.
Has been a great solid story for him. Delivering great front store sales. Same store sales growth has been 5 to 5.5%. Margins have been improving. It's hard to find good growth names in the Canadian market. You can be fairly sure that management will continue to execute.
Pays 16%. Unit trust has come under some pressure after their last earnings release which had some special charges for conversion and an acquisition. They can also get caught on moving commodity prices. Feels there's a very good margin improvement story here. There is talk of a cut in distribution, but feels this is not the case.
Should have good growth. 2 risks facing all banks. We are topping out on the credit cycle so you want to look for a bank with less exposure there. TD has a very large retail presence which tends to immunize them. All banks are generating a significant amount of capital and feel that this one will deploy it for good growth through their US bank.