Gordon Higgins, CA, MBA
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Vice President, Equities at
Sentry Select Capital Corp

Latest Top Picks

(A Top Pick Jan 25/08. Down 37%.) Extremely cheap at these prices. 6.5% yield. $2.8 billion in cash.
World's largest gold company. Flat production this year over next but have a raft of projects. Great prospects and solid balance sheet.
10% yield so you are paid to wait. Just issued more equity that allows them to have Tier 1 capital of better than 10.4%. This puts them up in the top 2 banks in Canada in terms of balance sheet quality. Good price.
(A Top Pick Jan 25/08. Down 67%.) Announced orders had slowed and came out with an earnings warning for 2009. Plants are still running full out. Trading at 8X earnings and with no debt, should be a safe buy.
(A Top Pick Jan 25/08. Down 33%.) Agricultural products. Feels the 5% yield is sustainable.