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(A Top Pick Oct 28/19, Down 13%) Still their bank of choice in Canada. A big mistake for Canadians is to hold too many Canadian banks. TD is underindexed on oil and gas, dividend has increased this year, franchises have grown, insurance has done well. Predicts job cuts later this year.
(A Top Pick Oct 28/19, Up 54%) Covid is impacting them. They bought GE pharma division, and the timing couldn't be better. Grown dividend by 28% over the last 5 years, paying down debt.
(A Top Pick Oct 28/19, Up 22%) Test electrical capacity and food content. A certification company. Done well this year. Cash flow and dividend have grown. A great long-term hold.
Second largest operator behind 7-11. As Covid restrictions loosen, we'll have more people on the road but also driving rather than using public transportation. Good job of thinking about the future. Launching own brand of food, exploring initiatives in e-charging stations and selling marijuana. Free cash flow has grown 16% over the last 5 years, dividend grows at 22%. Yield is 0.63%. (Analysts’ price target is $51.54)
Choline product necessary to humans and animals. Also make a purifier for when you don't have water. Through Covid, EBITDA, revenue, and EPS all increased. Grow through acquisition and organically. Prudent with the debt they take on. About 12% free cash flow growth per year. Smart management team. Yield is 0.54%. (Analysts’ price target is $109.25)