Brett Girard, CPA, CA, CFA
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CFO and Portfolio Manager at
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A global company, in both developed and developing markets. Second largest global asset manager, just behind Blackstone. A chance to participate along with some of the brightest minds in asset classes retail investors can't normally touch, like infrastructure, private equity, renewables, and real estate. Recent acquisition is counter-cyclical, allowing them to benefit from distressed asset sales. Yield is 1.36%. (Analysts’ price target is $73.02)
Serial acquirers in aerospace and defense. Net income has grown 19% Y/Y since 1990. No sales in Asia, so they avoid the tariffs. Also provides replacement parts for older planes. Yield is 0.13%. (Analysts’ price target is $105.11)
The proxy for India. India's GDP is growing at 6%, so double that of the US. HDFC's revenues, loan deposits, and loan books continue to grow at 15-20% per year. Steeper yield curve in India, plus moving from agricultural to urban society, and HDFC will benefit. Yield is 0.53%.