Brett Girard, CPA, CA, CFA
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CFO and Portfolio Manager at
Liberty International Investment Management

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(A Top Pick Jul 29/19, Down 8%) An industrial company, but really software with software margins. You can buy a half position now and see what happens.
(A Top Pick Jul 29/19, Up 10%) A small Texas company. Not in any ETFs, so this will avoid an ETF sell-off when markets panic. They are in health care. They've been very acquisitive.
(A Top Pick Jul 29/19, Down 5%) It's comparison engine from health insurance to mortgages, and the Brits love to save. An old tech company, founded in 1993, but they have updated all their code so that it performs much better. The stock is down likely on Brexit worries. Long-term though this is good.
The only Canadian bank he owns. TD stock hasn't moved in the past year, but offers strong Canadian and US retail exposure. They are growing their wealth management and insurance sides. On the commercial side, they're not into oil/gas like CIBC. The dividend has grown 10% annually in the past 10 years. Great long-term. (Analysts’ price target is $79.06)
A private equity company and a smart acquisitor. They bought GE's biopharma division which added debt to their books, but DHR has done buys like this before, knowing how to pay down debt yet be accretive to earnings. They have spun-off their dental division The dividend has grown 28% annually, though it is small now. Great for the long term. (Analysts’ price target is $152.14)