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(A Top Pick May 27/19, Up 3%) They bought Oak Tree earlier this year and now manage $500 billion in capital, generating fees off that capital. He will hold this for years. You play real estate, infrastructure, and private equity. A fine company with a great chart. It's one of the biggest asset managers in the world. They have the advantage of scale so they can buy companies. They invest in almost every developed country and many developing ones.
(A Top Pick May 27/19, Up 32%) You're exposed to all the airplanes coming back into the fleet with the Max 8 out to cover those routes. Long-term it's been very strong. They have an electronic tech division that deals in outer space which is a growth area with Bezos' and Branson's space plans.
(A Top Pick May 27/19, Down 6%) Growth has slowed a bit in India, but it's till above 6%. The population is expected to eclipse China's in two or three years with many moving from the country to the city--and they will need banks.
For the next 10-15 years. ROP is a private equity companies buying little software and engineering companies. They're smart in acquiring companies, like Foundry of the UK, making CGI for Hollywood movies. 70% of revenues are recurring. EBITDA margin is 40%. Good cash flow with more money owed them than going out. (Analysts’ price target is $381.15)
Great cash flow with little debt. Cash is his key metric. When the Russell was down 12% in 2018, ATRI was up 18%. Great long-term hold. (no price target)