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(A Top Pick Apr 01/20, Up 18%) Most people have 1 to 10 of their products in their house. This was a great way to be defensive and it did quite well for the first 9 months. There has been a sell off recently. They are a great way to play emerging markets. The fiscal stimulus there has not been the same as in the first world. The expectation is that going forward they will return to their old growth. It's an important part of a portfolio.
(A Top Pick Apr 01/20, Up 20%) It is his telco of choice. Through COVID they actually grew their subscriber count. Wireline phone subscriptions went up, but roaming went down. Telus health has grown explosively.
(A Top Pick Apr 01/20, Up 0%) This was a cautious call. He deployed it starting at the end of August after tech tell away.
This is the name he likes in the space. It is up significantly. They are focused on growing their cash flow from operations. They are the biggest makers of analogue circuits. Particularly they are in robots. In the next 5 years the use of robots is expected to grow by 60%. It is a high quality company. The forward PE is only 26. (Analysts’ price target is $177.32)
It has not done that well through the pandemic. Their appliances are used on an elective basis, so their installation got canceled by hospitals. Sales are expected to grow by 19% this year. (Analysts’ price target is $251.00)