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(Past Top Pick on Feb. 15, 2018, Up 3%) Still likes it, though it's been sideways. Had a nice pop today with good earnings. What's driving them is that globally farmers are under-invested in storage, so AFN can benefit in the next few years.
(Past Top Pick on Feb. 15, 2018, Up 29%) An acquisition last year accelerated their move into the Cloud which is higher growth. The market didn't appreciate this move until MNW announced a few solid quarters. Then it was announced a private equity company would acquire MNW. Currently, they're in a period where MNW can field other offers. He still holds it.
(Past Top Pick on Feb. 15, 2018, Down 4.5%) Good report today and enjoyed a pop. It's a misunderstood story Delphi split into two companies; this one is their powertrain unit where there are good growth drivers. Now, there's just noise in the stock. Be patient.
It had a great report today. Strong secural growth drivers in reducing emissions for carmakers and the move to e-cars. Messy now with the recent spin-out, but they will do well in the next few years (Analysts' price target $60.13)
One of the three major US drug distributors. Partnered with Walgreens to buy drugs from manufacturers in bulk, then sell to pharmacies and hospitals at profit. Trades at a low multiple. The industry has challenges: generic pricing has been soft and declining, but that's stabilizing now to ABC's margins. ABC has the highest exposure among its peers to specialty pharmaceuticals which are growing faster at higher margins. Their contracts are set through 2020. (Analysts' price target $103.87)