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(A Top Pick June 19/17. Up 8%.) This offers the most compelling value of any of the FANG stocks. Trading at a little over 20X earnings, but you are getting 20% earnings growth, which is a really compelling value. This company is going to be in great shape to exploit the whole AI thing because of the amount of data they can capture.
(A Top Pick June 19/17. Up 6%.) He still likes this. It is in a great position. They acquired Veresen which did a lot of things for them. It was a financial accretive deal, and diversified their hydrocarbon mix to more natural gas. It gives them a really good pipeline of growth projects. We should start seeing the benefits of that. It gives you a 5% dividend yield, which will grow at 10% a year.
(A Top Pick June 19/17. Down 5%.) The stock hasn’t done much. It is a really interesting company. They have a property/casualty insurance business and an asset management business. Both sides are in good shape and the outlook looks really good. If we get a hard insurance market, the returns on that side of the business will be quite good. On the asset management side, they’ve done a good job of growing their AUM. This is going to be a long-term position for him.
A very straightforward simple business. They own a coal loading terminal off the coast of BC, one of the largest in North America. A very stable, simple business. They basically get coal sent in from rail yards across North America, and earn a fixed fee for every ton of coal they load onto a ship. The majority of their customers are locked into long-term contracts. For the last couple of years, they’ve been spending a lot of capital upgrading equipment. When they did that, they cut the dividend significantly. The Capital Spend is going to be done in 2018, and they’ll be in a great position to ratchet up the dividend. Trading at 9X EBITDA which is cheap. Dividend yield of 2.5%. (Analysts’ price target is $26.)
A really good business. They are an effective monopoly on the overnight time sensitive cargo market in Canada. They have about 90%-95% market share. Have 2 customers that represents 60% of the market locked up under long-term contracts until 2025. Dividend yield of 1.4%. (Analysts’ price target is $60.)