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Stock Opinions by Bryn Talkington


Crude oil has topped $81/barrel and high prices are here stay. The U.S. should look at what's happening to the shortages in Europe as a warning. Fracnce relies on nuclear energy, but the rest of Europe doesn't produce enough natural gas and oil, and wind energy is intermittent. Europe has far more structural issues than the U.S. which has a lot of nat gas and oil. This year, the S&P hit a peak PE of 23x, and has trickled down to 20x, driven by better earnings. Earnings this quarter will be exciting. Lean into tech as growth slows. Debt to GDP is rising, too, and GDO will be slowing. Stay in secular growth companies, long-term. You can rent smallcaps for now. Energy and materials offer long-term secular growth after doing nothing for the last 10 years.


Oil stocks Crude oil will rise, but oil stocks won't necessarily rise too. It's a dislocation. But we could see more individuals buying oil stocks, which would narrow this gap. The ESG penalty box is real for oil stocks, apart from speculators and hedgers, but she thinks this will change.


It's a global uranium ETF. It's the cleanest energy out there. She thinks more people will realize it. Buy it at $78 and sell the January 90 calls to gain $6 or 7.5%.

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