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(A Top Pick Sept 15/16. Up 6%. Up 6%.) The 3rd quarter was not good. Owning down here is going to end up looking very good a year from now.
(A Top Pick Sept 15/16. Down 22%.) *Short* He is still Short. The return represents the worst snapshot possible, but as he has held this for a long time, he is still profitable. Wealth management and mutual fund space in general has been a very tough spot. Feels the stock is still expensive.
(A Top Pick Sept 15/16. Up 28%.) *Long* (Pairs trade with a Short on TRP-T.) He still has both positions on.
(A Top Pick Sept 15/16. Down 8%.) *Short* (Pairs trade with a Long on TA-T.) He still has both positions on.
Operates processing and transmission facilities, largely for natural gas producers. Natural gas liquids and propane are trading at reasonably good prices in Western Canada. He sees this trading at a pretty steep multiple discount to their much larger peers. Really likes management and feels they will be able to execute on their growth plans. Dividend yield of 2.7%. (Analysts’ price target is $2.08.)