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(A Top Pick May 05/20, Up 30%) It is firing on all cylinders. They continue to execute and do very well and he looks forward to owning them for a long time.
(A Top Pick May 05/20, Up 51%) It is a review website. They pivoted from a restaurant business. They have a greater than 40% return on equity. Tablelog is their restaurant review website. There is an ADR in North America but it is thinly traded.
(A Top Pick May 05/20, Up 33%) He has some concerns about retail but they sell the excess inventory of name brands and provide a treasure hunt experience. They are extremely well run. They re-initiated their dividend. He got stopped out but has not bought back yet.
It will be vulnerable if rates continue to rise. It has served him well in times of market turmoil. He sees higher inflation and higher rates, but the US$ would go higher as well.
They have been around for over 100 years. They survived the depression. They have interests in hospices and cleaning. They have dental supply as well. They have a long history of raising dividends and buybacks. He'd like to see it lower before buying. (Analysts’ price target is $595.00)