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(A Top Pick Apr 12/18, Down 24%) They have engineered a turnaround and it has turned the corner but it is not getting the love it should. They have a bit of a debt problem and they are reducing it. It has a lot of really great customers, moving from a print based model to a marking and electronic model. He thinks it is grossly undervalued and should trade higher.
(A Top Pick Apr 12/18, Up 27%) They are a roll-up strategy. There is still a long runway ahead of them. He may be looking at taking some money off the table.
(A Top Pick Apr 12/18, Down 19%) He is still loyal to them and increased his position not long ago. The market is predicting better days ahead. They are still growing. They are aggressively buying back shares and opening new stores. It is very, very well run company. Debt is bumping up against levels that are almost concerning him. He thinks they are a great company.
They are the top screening stock in the world. They own 70% of the search market in properties. Their metrics are crazy. They have no debt, are buying back stock and pay a dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $500.40)
It has been a core holding of his for a long time. They are extremely well run. They are run by a competent intelligent operator. They acquire software companies. When they are put on the world stage they shine. They are a bit expensive right now but one you should own. (Analysts’ price target is $1176.30)