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(A Top Pick Sep 23/19, Down 13%) They are a well run company. Just about to expand into Canada. They have an expanding on-line presence. Not a lot of debt, high margins and a big loyalty program. He would have no hesitation buying them back. He was stopped out in March.
(A Top Pick Sep 23/19, Up 7%) The second largest Internet domain company in the world. They have very predictable cash flows. They have a high speed fiber optics network that they are setting up in small towns where they bring the fiber to your house.
(A Top Pick Sep 23/19, Up 16%) For the Canadian investor this is the best hedge available without using derivatives, options or futures contracts. He does not think the bond-bull market is over. The US$ is seen as a safe haven currency and US treasuries are seen as a safe haven asset. The return can be substantial in times of economic weakness.
This is an excellent hedge for Canadian investors. Don't look at the yield. If we see more panic it will do well. Canadian investors can also benefit from the currency swing.
They are hands down the best gold company in the world. They have no debt and low cost of production, which is growing. They are a nice size position for him. (Analysts’ price target is $66.70)