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(A Top Pick Jan 21/19, Up 29%) He trimmed them in the mid-to high $50s about a year or so ago and then added them back. They exercised their option to take a 50.1 stake in a chain in South America. They do everything very carefully. He thinks it could be a really nice growth avenue for them.
(A Top Pick Jan 21/19, Up 61%) They dropped 17% in November on the announcement of DGC-T. He will continue to hold them.
(A Top Pick Jan 21/19, Up 18%) You aren't going to hear a lot of talk of long dated treasuries. If you go back to 1982 and compare 30 year bonds and equity markets through to today they have done similarly except the bonds have had less volatility. The TLT-T is the best hedge for equity market weakness. It is at a reasonable level of support.
This one had an excellent run. It is one of the two strongest stocks on the TSX over the last 10 years. Their CEO is considered one of the best capital allocators in the world, not just in Canada. This is in his view a forever-hold stock. (Analysts’ price target is $1423.00)
It is the first oil play he has ever recommended. They have no debt, 10% free cash flow yield and bought back 10% of their shares with another 10% this year. This is not a call on where oil goes from here. They are profitable down to $30 oil. He is comfortable with their 100% exposure to Colombia. (Analysts’ price target is $30.84)