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(A Top Pick May 02/19, Down 12%) They are the UK version of MLS for real estate listings. They dominate the property search business there at 75%. Gross margins are 90% and net margins of 70%. They have been increasing average rent per user. Have no debt, carry cash and pay a nice dividend. The virus has reduced agent costs by 75% in the past quarter, but once this virus passes he expects things will return to relative normal. Down 40% from their highs. Amazin metrics. A screaming buy. He will add to his holdings when this pullbacks.
(A Top Pick May 02/19, Up 16%) A huge fan. Amazing management. They continue to buy software companies. They see a large runway for growth ahead and want to buy more. 3.5% is their free cash flow yield. Watch their upcoming AGM.
(A Top Pick May 02/19, Down 25%) He got stopped out. It was a value play. It was cheap at $15. He doesn't know how retailer investors will respond to this current uncertainty. The mutual fund business was facing headwinds before the pandemic. He won't buy back his shares.
Firing on all cylinders. He bought this at $115. They're deploying capital from their stable Windows business into the cloud. You can buy this and forget it. Predictable. Stable. (Analysts’ price target is $197.42)
They are the Japanese version of Open Table. Their app does price comparisons. They boast high margins, high ROE and no debt. Plus, they always innovate, bringing new apps to market that attract users. Example: a bus tour app that you can use in Japan to navigate. Once an app attracts alot of traffic, they monetize that app by charging the user. It's a small company that trades in Japan. Now, they are focusing on take-out services for restaurants during this pandemic--flexible. They will continue to do well. (Analysts’ price target is $23.20)