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(A Top Pick Jan 20/20, Up 24%) Fantastic company. Recently bought more on a dip. Does acquisitions better than anyone. Extremely well run.
(A Top Pick Jan 20/20, Down 23%) He got stopped out, but can see owning it again in the future. It's the best producer out there. Profitable, buys back shares, no debt. Hard assets are a good hedge against inflation.
(A Top Pick Jan 20/20, Down 5%) Second largest holder of land in Texas. They license land to oil exploration and production. He got stopped out. A strong company. Low overhead and capex, no debt. Some corporate governance issues. A sneaky and cheeky way to get oil exposure. Yield is 1.4%.
Exceptional. Holds its own and shines when stacked up against the greatest companies in the world. High stock price just means that they haven't split their shares. His #1 position in client portfolios. Yield is 0.31%. (Analysts’ price target is $1685.63)
Bitcoin is volatile, but what it has is a fixed supply. Cash is generating a negative real rate of return, like a melting ice cube. This company bought bitcoin, and is a sneaky way to get exposure. Be aware that the risk has increased, price is going parabolic, so you may want to wait for a pullback. He stepped in with a 2% position. No dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $250.00)