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(A Top Pick Sep 24/18, Up 14%) A core holding. Very well-run. They tripped with weak same-store sales last year, but the valuation became attractive. They exercised their option to buy Dollar City (in Latin America) which the market overlooked. This will add to growth. They can continue to grow in Canada, too, and buy back shares. One of the best retailers in Canada.
(A Top Pick Sep 24/18, Up 13%) He got stopped out of them. The anti-trust and controversy issues give him pause. They have loads of cash and are stupidly profitable though. He would buy them back if FB set new highs. He's done that before.
(A Top Pick Sep 24/18, Up 44%) He got stopped out, a mistake. Very profitable, no debt. But they had concentration risk--they need to diversify their customer base. He might buy them back.
High profit margins, no debt and grow same-store sales growth. They buyback shares and open new stores. Great valuation. They have 33 million members in their loyalty program. They guided lower recently and sold off 30%--that's when he bought. (Analysts’ price target is $296.89)
An under-the-radar Canadian company that's become the second-biggest domain-registry company in the world. A predictable business. They've invested their profits into fibre internet. (Analysts’ price target is $75.01)