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(Top Pick Sep 8/16, Up 9.07%) There is still upside on their multiple. They are still growing on the fee side of the business – fuel cards and so on. The dividend is sending a signal about the stability of this business. He thinks they will increase the dividend by at least 10% in the first few weeks of 2017.
(Top Pick Sep 8/16, Up 12.33%) It is possible you will get near term down side if there is a correction in the market. From here there is decent upside over the long term. He believes it is a business that will grow over the next couple of years regardless of Trump.
(Top Pick Sep 8/16, Down 23.43%) Operationally nothing has gone wrong and they keep executing. There has been general pressure on consumer staples stocks. This is a company with high debt. He thought they would pay down debt over time. They are not financially distressed and nothing has changed operationally.
He likes the water treatment business. It is hard to replicate. The revenues are quite stable. As you get a recovery in drilling that business will ramp up also. They are almost the only game in town. It is possible they will increase the dividend at the end of the year. (Analysts’ Target: $12.06).
High single digit same store sales growth which is unknown by retailers in Canada. Growth in Accessories is close to 20% on a same store sales basis. (Analysts’ Target: $34.50).