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7.5% bond maturing Nov 19/17. Probably one of the only exploration/production companies on the continent that is in a net cash position. It will have about $900 million in cash when they do the Murphy Oil joint venture, and have about $800 million of debt. The bond is worth $550 million. More senior to it is a bank debt of about $250 million. The $250 million debt matures after the bond in 2019, which is not a position that bankers usually like. The loan has a “springing” maturity, which means if any of the bonds are outstanding 6 months before they are due, the bank debt becomes due immediately. The company likes the bank debt which has a very attractive terms. Thinks the company is going to do a combination of paying down all this bond and maybe refinance with the new bond for $150 million.
A chemical company. Waiting for approval of a merger with Superior Plus (SPB-T). This is an all share deal. Once the regulators approve this, shareholders will end up with .135 shares of superior for each share they own. Trading at a 15% discount right now. Thinks there is huge upside synergies once the 2 companies are merged. Dividend yield of 2.84%.